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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

About search engines and SEO:

When you search for something on Google or any other search engine, you get a set of results on the first page in the order of priority and aptness. This order is followed in the successive pages and so on.

The process of being visible on the search page results of a search engine is quite complex. This process that determines the presence or absence and the priority of visibility of a web page or a web site when looked upon by a search engine’s search algorithm is called as Search Engine Optimization.

It is a very important process from information technology’s point of view and several attempts have been made to understand the particular order or process followed by various search engines in optimizing the search results.

Why search engine is important:

Suppose you have set up a website that does e-commerce business. When people look for e-commerce platforms on the internet via the search engine, the most popular, most commonly visited or biggest brand appears to be first on your results whereas your newly set up website might feature somewhere in lower ranked space or at times might not even there.

This is because of search engine optimization. It translates your entered search query into a block of commands and codes that follow the Search engine optimization algorithm of the website and display results first (or higher ranked ones) based on this process.

There is no doubt that the earlier your name appears on the search results of a search engine, the more number of visitors your website or your web page receives. So if you have to build your company’s brand value online, besides advertisement, thorough and veritable understanding of the search engine optimization is of paramount importance as it not only adds to the marketing of your brand but also has shown to affect the sales and revenue significantly.

Various facets that SEO take into consideration:

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t just involve plain or bland text search. It takes into account multitudes of data present over the internet spread across various platforms and analyses each of them according to the requirements of the user and displays only those that are apt and with according priority.

The algorithm of search engine optimization takes into account the text search, local search, picture search, video search, academic search, news search etc and ranks the results accordingly.

Different search engines might fare differently in the same search process:

Search Engine Optimization involves the understanding of this complex ranking procedure and exploiting it to gain advantages for effective and large scale marketing.

It is (simply put) an internet marketing strategy that conducts studies and analyses how the search engines actually work, what most people look for on the search engine search tab and what kind of results they expect to be displayed with what priority, the commonly used terms, key words, phrases that people use in their searches.

Besides this, the choice of search engine is of unparalleled importance. There is no doubt that different search engines follow different SEO algorithms and hence might display diverse results.

For instance “best tourist spots in Europe” search on Google might display results of websites or web pages that are quite different from what the same search on Yahoo search engine might display. In most cases, the order of priority is changed owing to the SEO system followed by the particular website.

Search engines are well aware of the SEO process that is hugely popular in the market. Most of the search engines have been active participants in the public activities carried out by the search engine optimization experts (called as Search Engine Optimizers, SEO again). A few of the search engines sponsor and assist the activities of SEO leading to a trustworthy relationship and partnership.

A few search engines have gone to the extent of sharing information on the techniques to improve your ranking and attain Search Engine Optimization.

For instance, Google has its own programs called as Google Webmaster Tools. Webmaster tools are widely used by webmasters to study if their website is facing any problems related to indexing through Google. Google Webmaster tool is also greatly beneficial in providing important data about traffic on Google that has been directed to your website.

Similarly, Bing search engine has come up with its own Bing Webmaster Tools that is helpful in providing a method to the webmasters for giving their web feeds and the site map. The crawl rate and the web page index can be tracked with the help of this Bing Webmaster Tools.

Search Engine Optimization is becoming a global phenomenon and has gained vast popularity in the last decade. The techniques involved in SEO are more or less the same for all search engines.

On a global scale, Google has been dominating the search engine world for quite a while now with more than three quarters of the total search engine usage all over the world. This is a prime reason why most of the search engine optimisers first target Google and adjust their SEO techniques for other search engines if and when required.

In most countries Google is the primary search engine and faces almost no competition at the apex. Hence several attempts have been made by the webmasters to thoroughly understand the search engine ranking algorithm followed by Google.

In the years to come, the internet world is expected to grow by leaps and bounds and with it, the inevitable dominance of search engines. Thus understand SEO and manipulating it by various SEO techniques is going to be of immense importance in the years to come, especially if you wish to enjoy an incomparable and envious online presence.

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  1. What I think of Search Engine Optimization is that it is great to do keyword research. That way you will be able to create your title with the keywords in it as well as the first sentence which is the most important part of an article, blog and video. Its the most important part of it because if they like it within 30 seconds then they read on, if not then they stop reading all together.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. Nice overview of SEO basics!

    It’s good for beginners, but even for professionals who might sometimes forget their roots, especially when so many SEO believe the industry is only about Google (it’s not). 😉

    Your blog is interesting! I’m signing up for your newsletter. 😀

    Luana Spinetti

    • Completely agree with you Luana, Majority of SEO believe the industry is only Google. Thanks for stop by and sign up for newsletter 🙂

  3. I could not agree more. if your site does not support seo then it’s dead. Thank you for the great information!