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Want to Step Up Your Content Marketing? You Need to Read This First

Digital Marketing experts and Content Marketing Strategists need to produce a constant flow of quality content from blog posts, social media updates, videos, eBooks and webinars to keep their customers engaged about their new products.

This content helps them in many ways like driving traffic to their website, helping to increase search engine ranking, keeping the customers informed about the Company’s new products, helping serve existing customers and build new customer base.

So keep your content always unique and overwhelming. Having good content in the digital marketing space means creating engaging content that will get eyes on the brand that you want to promote, engage people actively and convert them into your loyal customer base.

Here are a few ways in which you can really make content marketing a great success and really reach your potential customer base

Write to attract your target audience:

The most important thing that cannot be missed out when writing content for your potential audience or target customer base is that you should know their needs, wants and what they are exactly looking for.

You should typically know what they are searching for, and the biggest problems they are trying to solve and what trends are influencing their business success.

Analyzing this information, before a prospect becomes your actual customer is a great way to understand the needs and challenges of your target audience.

Know the buyers profile:

To develop a very good content to promote your services and products online, the other most important thing that you need to understand is about each person’s typical online behavior, know about what blogs he reads online, what kind of information the buyer tends to consume like podcasts, videos, educational articles, trends, analytical pieces of information, and which of your products are most researched by the buyer before they buy.

All these in addition to the Customer demographics, need and behavior will help you to produce and write the right kind of content that can actually reach him

Quality content:

More content and more words always does not mean more traffic.

Every piece of content that you provide should be meaningful and add value to the reader and answer his queries.

Here quality wins over quantity. Also, one well thoughtful blog post per week is more effective than a couple of mediocre and low quality blog posts.

Follow Industry News:

Plugging into news and trends related to your industry is very important to create meaningful and relevant content.

Subscribing to emails, newsletters that cover your industry or talk about your competitors is required.

Subscribing to RSS feeds from bloggers that cover your industry makes you more aware about your target audience.

Being aware about Social Media conversations:

Understanding what your prospects are speaking about will give you plenty of inputs to create relevant content.

You may notice people asking the same kind of questions about a product, service, industry which will make you churn out new content which is very customer specific and answers all those questions.

Many people choose social media and ask recommendations and feedback about new Vendors and products available in the market.

Creating an eBook providing all information the prospect is looking for and distributing it over social media will really grab attention and give the much needed promotion for your industry or product.

Attractive Content which is not just a written article:

To engage your customers seamlessly, it’s just not written content that will keep them engaged but relevant infographics, images and videos can really be more informative and interesting.

Visual content and graphics is much more engaging than a just a write up. A good content writer has to have a mix of all these elements to attract and draw the target audience.

Blog posts, articles, videos, presentations, e-Books are a few content types that can be created to make reading more exciting.

Keep a team of content writers:

Keeping a team of content writers and freelance editors who will take up the work of content creation, writing blog posts, e-books and do all kinds of writing jobs for you make you listen to different voices, make use of different talent, and produce high quality content.

Re-purposing content:

Content writers should possess a great skill to re-purpose content in many different ways as per the requirement. They should look forward to using the content in various ways to present it to the user instead of researching and gathering content right from scratch.

Plan your editorial distribution dates:

Make sure your content is compelling and engaging and not repetitive and boring.

Strategically plan and publish your content on specific days of the week and month so that content and information about your company always keeps reaching the audience.

Social Media Distribution:

Once the content is ready, distributing your content using various social media channels so that it is read by most people who are your target audience is very important.

Share content consistently and strategically across all social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc.

Promoting what you have written about your industry is very difficult but make sure it gets done, through emails, webinars, advertisements, social media updates etc.


If you are doing content marketing right, then you should see that people who come to your site stay there for a longer time, or return.

The content should be able to pull in the right kind of visitors also. Traffic number, conversion rates should rise. To know whether your content is written well and getting in the ROI aimed is not an easy job.

It is not easily quantifiable and understand that it will not happen overnight. A well created content can be tracked by checking downloads done, shares and distributions happening on social media channels by the readers.

Finally, to put in a nut shell, Content marketing builds up knowledge and thought of the company’s inside and outside and puts it in front of the reader.

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  1. I actually re-purpose articles all the time. It’s a good way to revisit some old articles and do a new spin on it to get more eyes on it. It doesn’t always work, but for me it has worked many times to getting in some extra new traffic. Quality content is a must these days, especially when there are so many sites with high quality content that gets a ton of traffic, anyone who has their own site needs to make it near perfect when it comes to the content released on said site.

    I’ve had troubles finding what my audience wants, but it just takes time and patience and if you have that, you’ll get pretty far. And with Social media around, it makes showcasing work of yours that much more easier and that’s mainly why I love social media so much. It helps out so much and you need to utilize it as much as possible.