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The Ultimate Guide to Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts

Ever wonder how SEOs rank their blog posts?

Even they tell you what to do to rank your blog posts – what they tell you is to optimize the blog posts like pros!

There can be two ways to learn something:

1 – Learn from teaching

2- Observe from happenings

If you want to succeed in SEO and Blogging, you have to adopt the both ways of learning things.

It’s true that some SEOs and Influencers share everything amazingly in order to truly deliver the message to the readers…

but that’s not the end of the story.

You can’t keep sleeping and wait for the experts to send a newsletter in your inbox to teach everything.

That’s not how it works.

Before starting up the technical part, let me know that you are fully aware of SEO, Blog Posts, Blogging, Writing the Content etc.

Some of you might not be very clear about these terms maybe you’re a business and looking to grow your reach through your website, then this article is extremely important for you in order to take your brand off the ground.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way of communication through publishing the written content on the blogs. Blogs are just like websites but are dynamic in nature and easily operate-able by non tech savvy persons. The purpose of the blog is to attract the people, engage them, entertain them, and educate them.

Companies publish blog posts on their official blogs to make prospects and clients aware about their services, products, quality, and efficiency – whereas professional bloggers use blogging for internet marketing to promote or sell something by delivering the valuable and helpful material to the readers.

What is a blog post and why to write it?

A blog post is an article or blog update written by the author or administrator of the blog. A blog post is written to achieve the purpose of a blog. There is no limitation on the size and length of the blog post whatsoever, however, there are some standards on the content publishing and blog writing which need to be taken care of in order to achieve great results.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of making any website or blog more reachable to the relevant audience through search engines by tuning up the different aspects such as content, page titles, meta description, keywords, and overall different site attributes.

Now you know a little bit about the blog, blog post, and SEO.

I promise if you keep on exploring and implementing on your blog or site, you will learn more.

The launching of a blog and applying the SEO tactics don’t finish the responsibility.


If you want to ignore these 3 things in your content, I promise you that this article won’t help you, because hard work and honesty take you closer to the success – so take a look at these three things:

  1. Helpful Message

Your content must have a message for the readers – if you’re trying just to fill up the pages with words then it’s not going to work no matter what. SEO has been evolved and search engines observe the readers behaviors before ranking any article or blog post higher in the searches. So make helpful content for your audience.

  1. Understandable Content

The understandable content is how well you have described for all types of readers – if your message isn’t understandable, then it won’t be useful for the target audience. Try to make content that becomes readable and understandable.

  1. Clarity of Headlines

Headlines have a huge importance in the SEO. Not only do they create an impact on the search engine ranking, but also make readers attracted towards them. The clarity of headlines means the sophistication and simplicity of writing the titles of articles or blog posts. The SEO isn’t limited to just 10-page static websites, it’s altogether a vast game to compete, from blogs to company websites, e-commerce stores or personal websites everyone wants to rank well. So blog post titles have got so much importance in this regard.

The Anatomy of Blog Post SEO

SEO hasn’t been just stuffing the keywords into the content and wait for magic to happen – It used to be way of ranking the content in the search engines, but not anymore — Now the situation is totally different and search engines have their own arsenal to rank the blog posts.

We will try to understand the structure and impact creating points of blog post SEO – Hubspot explained this thing amazingly with this infographic.

Following are the major aspects of a blog post SEO:

  1. The Perfect Headline

Headlines are probably more important than the actual content – a badly return headline can sabotage the effort given to the well written article. The headlines are like headlights that attract anyone in the darkness.

The headline is the first thing which makes a reader open the article – the click-through rate can take a dip or get boosted with the blog post headlines.

Some experts believe in the KEYWORDS existence in the titles, some of them emphasize on a NUMBER, and many influencers believe to have a story in the title.

Brian Dean is good at this — He comes out with best headlines for the blog posts.

Take a look at the title of this article:


  1. Initial lines of the Article

This is a bit tricky.

One has to engage the readers from initial lines or right in the beginning of the article.

In the past, SEOs used to preach bloggers that use keyword in the first line (and many of them still doing the same) to get ranked well — you can’t rank well if you don’t create authoritative content, and people won’t like and share it unless you do give them the right reason to do so.

The readers engagement is how do you keep the readers intact with your words – it’s a process of keeping your magic on from line to line and paragraph to paragraph.

And most importantly how well do you make a start!

Copyblogger‘s authors and editorial staff are extremely good at this. They always make an edgy, entertaining, and catchy start for their articles.


and check this one too:


  1. The Right Way to Use the Keywords

Having the keywords isn’t about just adding them without any sense — some experts say that it’s essential to use in the starting lines of the article and some of them believe to mention the keyword or keywords in the first 100 words of the article.

It’s true that keywords help search engines to identify the type of content and bloggers get their blog posts ranked due to the use of the keywords in the content.

Now, there is a difference between the use of keywords and the right way to use the keywords.

If you want to write the content for search engines, then it would make sense to stuff the keywords which is certainly not recommended by the experts, but if you want to write the content for readers to read, then it would make no sense to focus on the keywords instead of the message.

There are few tools to check the keywords density of the content. Try David Naylor Keyword Density, Live Keyword Analysis, or Keyword Density Tool for that.

  1. Images and SEO Attributes

Everyone knows that images are important for SEO.

Did anyone tell you why they are important?

They are because:

  • Images is a major medium just like text content.
  • Search engines offer images search too.
  • Search engines evaluate any content with multiple aptitudes, and images sound useful in that.
  • Images help websites and blogs to deliver the comparatively better user experience.


There are three major SEO strings attached to the images:

  1. Title: The title tag actually is the name of the image which represents it online.
  2. Alt tag: Alt tag is the alternative tag for the image which supports the images in the search.
  3. Description: The description of the image helps the image to explain its existence and reason.
  1. Highlighting the Keywords

In order to make your blog post optimized, you might have to adopt many strategies that will help you to make your content and blog post reachable to the audience.

The highlighting the keywords or key elements in your content is a vital technique to trigger the ranking and clearly deliver the message to the search engines consider the blog post against those relevant topics.

You’ll always find influencers and top bloggers making their keywords and key text-areas bold in their content.



  1. Page Loading Speed

Google ranking might count more than 100 ranking factors in order to rank any website in the search index, and page loading or site loading speed is certainly one of those factors.

SEO experts and top bloggers prefer and recommend a high-quality web hosting services to make sure that everyone gets a better web host because a high-quality web host would help you to improve your site speed.

Although caching and CDN services like Cloudflare and MAXCDN will help your websites and blogs to reduce the server load and that would result in the increase in the page loading speed.

Test your site’s loading speed with the online tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Monitis.

  1. Meta title, Keywords, and Description

SEO won’t be completed without filling out the one major part of any blog post – You might be using WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO Pack for SEO of your WordPress blog, then you must be aware of these three important elements of any blog post.


  1. Meta Title: Meta title is a title of the page/blog post which shows up in the search engines.
  2. Keywords: Keywords help search engines to recognize the blog post in accordance to its relevance.
  3. Description: It describes the type and purpose of the blog post to the search engines.

 Your Part

A perfect and optimized blog post would be fulfilling the maximum requirements which make any article more reachable to the audience.

Surprisingly, not a single factor of SEO can single-handedly rank any blog post in the search engines.

There might more ways to improve and optimize the blog post.

What else do you think can optimize the blog post to make it SEO friendly?

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