Starting a Technology Blog Is it Worth It

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Starting a Technology Blog – Is it Worth It?

Take up any popular list of blogs and most of them would be a “technology” blog. Technology blogging has turned into an in-demand niche. From mobile reviews to launching a new business tool, technology is everywhere and bloggers across all countries are tapping into the growing demand. But, does starting a technology blog has any value now as compared to its value in the last couple of years?

Thousands of blogs start everyday and a large percentage of them are technology blogs. This means the competition multiplies manifold every single day. Therefore, if you are thinking to start a technology blog, is it worth it?

1) Becoming an Authority Figure

It is worth all the sweat and toil if you can become an authority figure in your chosen technology field.

There is no purpose in creating just “another technology” blog out there. There are millions. While you are reading this post, someone is creating his/her technology blog. While you finish reading this post, your competition will have magnified proportionally.

The point is that unless the blog establishes itself as an “authority”, there is no tangible or intangible benefit in wasting lots of manpower and money creating content and marketing strategies. Of course, these steps are essential to establish an authority but you have to be realistic.

Do you have the mettle to compete with top technology blogs such as GigaOM, The Verge or The Next Web? Becoming an authority figure in your chosen technology field should be the target. Unless you are starting a technology blog with the intention to be in the league of other popular technology blogs, there is no point actually.

If you have the mindset and zeal for it, it is definitely worth it.

2) Time Availability

The next thing to consider is time availability. It is not easy to maintain a technology blog.  You have to cover gadget launches or write about breaking news. All this requires time and dedication. If you are not ready to be committed to the blog, there is no use of starting it.

Of course, no one is asking to leave the current full-time job (if any), but when the technology blog starts to become popular, you have to spend more time on it, networking with other technology bloggers and increasing your blog’s outreach. You could be in a situation where you either have to choose the full-time job or the technology blog. Are you mentally ready to take up blogging as a full-time career? Ask yourself.

There are many technology bloggers who left their high paying full-time jobs within a year of starting their blog and they haven’t looked back since.

3) Revenue

The third thing is the revenue aspects of a technology blog. Technology could be your passion but ultimately blogging is a business and surely, you would want to know the income potential of such a niche. The technology niche has immense potential. Despite the competition, it is not stagnant.

Again, starting a technology blog is worth it if you can monetize it. Monetization doesn’t mean setting up AdSense units and getting click-happy. While AdSense is a good way to begin monetization, you shouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket. Some ways to monetize a technology blog would be to:

  • accept paid reviews where the merchant pays you a sum to review the product and publish it on the blog,
  • you could accept sponsored content (check Google guidelines for sponsored content),
  • you could venture into affiliate marketing by selling technology products on behalf of the retailers and earning a commission,
  • you could come out with your own product such as an app or a really interesting eBook.

There are a lot of ways to monetize a technology blog.

Types of Technology Blogs

Technology blogs exists of various types. Some technology blogs publish posts while other blogs just publish gadget reviews. Before starting a technology blog, you need to decide what kind of technology blog you want to build.

Here we share some types of technology blogs:

  • News Technology Blog

It is tough to maintain a news technology blog because you have to be on the forefront of technology news. You have to become an authoritative source to publish news such that people start following your updates.

You need a team to run a technology blog and publish more than 10 news pieces daily. For newsworthy topics, you have set up networks with other popular technology blogs and technology businesses for exclusive coverage rights.

  • Tutorials Technology Blog

Tutorials are the preferred kind of technology blog. It’s, again, time consuming to setup a tutorial blog because you have to publish top notch technology tutorials and update them as and when the need arises. You need to have complete knowledge of technology topics and ensure only to publish accurate information.

  • Reviews Technology Blog

Again, you need to have sound technology knowledge to review a tech-based product and write about it. It is recommended to select a micro niche like laptop reviews, mobile phone reviews, software reviews or anything else and lay the foundations of starting a technology blog. You can monetize such micro-niche technology blogs with affiliate programs.


To wrap up our discussion, it is worthwhile to start a technology blog if you are determined to make it an authority blog, have the time and commitment to pursue the goal and have creative ideas to turn the blog into an active revenue generation model.

If you can do all this and more, starting a technology blog today can change your work life for the best!

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  1. I already own a technology based blog and I can say that if you want to create quality and useful posts you need a broad knoledge regarding the niche otherwise your audience will find in a short time that you are not an expert.

    • Thanks mike for stop by and your comment. You are right without knowledge its hard to achieve good result.