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Top 5 Methods to Get More Social Sharing

If you’re desperately looking for a method to get more social media sharing and following.

I would rather say DON’T WORRY.

You’ll be fine.


I mean if you read this article, you’ll feel the difference in your social media approach.

Do you know why?

Because I’ve learned the hard way. And, the best thing is I don’t want you to go through that tiring and the desperate process of years without any success on social media.

That should be done.

I mean my skills, knowledge, and expertise would mean nothing if they’re helping others.


Let’s be clear about something.

This article will never make you a SOCIAL MEDIA NINJA!

but, you will.

One of the harsh things about social media success is probably the long time duration.

You have to build TRUST, RELATIONS, and FOLLOWING.

And that takes a lot of time.

So, if you think that there should be a secret sauce for becoming a social media ninja, then I’m sorry, nobody invented that thing, neither did I.

If you were looking for something like that, you can LEAVE…

I’m sorry…

Because this article is for those bloggers, social media activists, entrepreneurs, and online marketers who want to put their effort with their best abilities and really want to SERVE the audience in order to get success.

If you’re ready to ROCK n ROLL, then just hop in…

Before I shed some light on the methods of getting a lot of social media sharing, I would like you to know that there certain factors that influence your social media success, such as:

1. The identity as a Brand: Build a brand or an identity as a brand because at the end of the day, people either remember a brand’s name or a professional  individual. Focus on building the brand’s reputation, from display pictures and cover images to name and URL, everything should incline towards your brand.

2. Activeness and Response time: This might be one of the most important factors of your social media success. If you’re not an active user on social media sites, then you might not be able to develop the following. People want engagement, quick answers, and great solutions from others, and if you’re not around, people will forget you or your brand and move on.

3. Value-driven sharing: This is something that helps you in creating an impact. You have to deliver the value. Find the best content to share with your audience as well as share your friends’ content.

When you’ve got this covered…

The next thing comes is the strategy building.

The strategy means how you actually need to take a start with your social media. It doesn’t matter if you already have taken the start or looking to start from the scratch…

What matters is, how would you proceed now?

It’s true that social media sharing is just one part of the social media success, but probably it’s the strongest pillar of the social media success, which is why I’m focusing on your overall success on social media.

So, when you come up with a proper workable strategy on social media, you’d feel the difference.

For instance, I used to be very inactive with my social media sharing, however, I was getting engaged with friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn… but the thing I felt that I’m missing a regular social media sharing of my content.

So I found Buffer and it helped me.

Later on, I came across Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

These tools really helped me in taking my social media campaign to the next level.

In order to build a stronger strategy, you have to understand the following methods to get more social media sharing as well as traction:

1. Choose a mainstream social media platform

Agree or not. You have to be a little specific with your social media selection. You can’t possibly make yourself available at a number of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

It is totally up to your business nature and audience type – you should know your audience and analyze whether your audience is there where you hang out mostly.

Your role must be of an expert who meets the target audience to solve their problems through content, social media sharing, and engagement.

If you’re sitting among the people who aren’t actually interested in your work, then you’ll be wasting your time.

For instance, if a graphic designer who designs illustrations, business cards, letter heads, greeting cards, and other promotional material for businesses, keeps on tweeting about his service, people won’t care and might not follow. If that designer joins Pinterest and Instagram then he could create a whole different impact. He could upload all this graphic designs for samples and meet the relevant audience.

Sonia Simone of Copyblogger believes the same.

Do you know she wrote an article on essential social media elements and one of the elements was a ‘primary social media platform’?

Even some celebs and social media influencers are pretty clear about their social media channels.

social media platform

Many of them have mentioned clearly that where they don’t exist, which makes easier for fans to understand that where to follow that person/celeb/expert.

2. Get engaged with others’ sharing

Social media isn’t just about sharing your content and waiting for people to reshare it. You always have to be ready to discuss things and give your input on the topics you’re interested in. Most of the times, people comment on the topics they really know about.

In order to make people share your content, you have to prove yourself valuable to others — which will never be easy, but you got to try.

One of the psychological ways is to start agreeing with a social media influencer.

start twitter engagement

Be honest. Because you can’t pretend it to be agreed with an expert.

And, if the conversation moves on, you might not be able to explain that why you agree.

Be genuine and original.

Nuzzel is an online tool which tells you what you network (of Facebook and Twitter) is doing.

Topsy helps you to find out who shared your content on Twitter.

3. Join the relevant communities

Joining the favorite social media network, installing the social app on your cellphone, and even joining the hundreds of communities won’t help you if you aren’t clear about your vision of product/service.

When someone doesn’t get any response and traction from the audience then it shows that he/she doesn’t hang out in the right community and at least not with the people who will be interested in his/her work.

The Facebook groups, Google+ communities, Twitter chats, Periscope, Meerkat and many other social media interaction platforms where you can meet the relevant people.

get engaged

3 Key Factors of Community Success

1. Go through the previous discussions. It helps you in finding the types of discussions happening around you. Try to get the essence of the community type.

2. Ask the question clearly. If you got a question to ask, make sure you’re clearly telling your question. Be clear and simple with your words selection and double-check your grammar in order to get serious answers on your thread.

3. Write a specific message while sharing. The sharing of content could be useless if various things would not have been there. Things like a rich snippet of blogs and websites, call-to-action buttons, and sharing buttons are important too. Luckily, we’ve got all this. Write a message along with your sharing, so that people quickly understand that what you have understood.

Facebook Groups‘ app changed the Facebook usage on the mobile devices.

4. Build trust by solving the problems

The solving your audience problem would increase your social media sharing as well as increase the readers engagement.

This is a no brainer.

People like when their problems get solved.

Whether it’s an infographic or a YouTube video when it helps the readers, they give an overwhelming response to the content, and ultimately it leads to more social media sharing.

solving problem of people

It’s a proven fact that when you solve your audience problem, you get success.

When people find something helpful, they try to share with others. Normally people share the content which resonates with them and they think it will benefit their followers and friends on social media.

The secret sauce for content creators is that they create HELPFUL content which becomes a life savior for the readers.

5. Ask for content sharing

Keep on creating valuable content on the regular basis, sharing a lot of content of others, helping out people on social media, and leaving really helpful comments on others’ sharing… you expect some traction from the social media followers.

Of course, you will see a response in terms of new followers, friends, and responders.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep on waiting for all this to happen.

Start communicating with people. Ask for the sharing at the end of the content.

ask for subscribers

It actually helps people in realizing that something further can happen.

Some of them find it interesting. A few of the readers/viewers want to see what you’ve got to offer…

Many of them will share your content on social media because they might want to help their friends.

I’ve seen people obsessed with LIKES and COMMENTS on Facebook… that’s why they share the content, which isn’t bad… but you have to know that what type of friends (audience) you have on your social media network.

Add proper social media buttons on your blog, so that it becomes easier for people to share your content. This article on Hubspot tells a number of ways to get more subscribers and one of the ways is to get your social media buttons ready on each blog post.

social media sharing

Use social media sharing services like Flare, Addthis, or Sharethis.

RankJane will help you to analyze your social media statistics and website growth. Use RankJane to analyze your site’s SEO score in terms of keywords strength and social media sharing.


Yes. We want more and more sharing.

Change people’s lives with your message, they will definitely share your content.

What we can do is bring the best out of our ability in terms of content creation…

People get engaged when they like the information and want to know more.

Keep telling. Keep solving.

They will keep on sharing your content.

What has been the best social media strategy for you?

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