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10 SEO Tactics that will help in achieving a good ranking

The technology behind search engine has grown leaps and bounds over year’s. The changing SEO landscape has thrown a great challenge to all the digital marketing specialists to continuously think of developing new strategies to get their sites and product pages ranked at the top positions when searched using a search engine.

There are multiple paths to SEO success and one should understand that SEO is not a onetime event because search engine algorithms change regularly. The SEO tactic that worked a few months back need not necessarily work well now, so you need to continually explore and find new ways and strategies in SEO and build tactics that can boost your rank on the Search Engine.

Always remember that Search Engines are looking for content, Performance, Authority and User experience. And if your website or blog has it all, then it’s a great way to communicate to the Search Engine about your intentions so that they recommend your site to users and provide a great seamless experience to the users who are in search of new things.

Here we present 10 very good SEO tactics that will help you achieve a good ranking

Writing Unique Content:

Content is king. Be sure you write unique content which is of high quality and original, else you will fail in driving good traffic to your site or blog. Google does not like re-written content, so producing a original content is of utmost priority. Content with good length, (of minimum 500-700 words is important) relevant info graphics and images get ranked easily.

Write content which is well researched and which answers most of the queries that might be faced by the reader. Posting frequency of the article is also very important to get a better rank. You should try to post as regularly as possible.

Adding viral contents to your blog or website like reviews, ratings, visitor comments can also increase the ranking and hit rate for the site.

Include Keywords:

Stuffing keywords in your articles without relevance can prove detrimental and is no longer effective.

However, you still need to intelligently include keywords in the content which people are searching for. Do keyword research before starting to write an article so that people get to know that your content has the information they are looking for.

Define Meta tag and Heading Tags:

Search engine rankings give a lot of importance to Meta tag. They are the snippets of the text that describe the page content. The Meta tag don’t appear on the page, but on the page’s code.

By using relevant description of your content, posts and pages, the rankings on the search engine can be boost. Meta descriptions are usually short, to the point, with relevant keywords use for which you want to rank your blog posts.

Using Heading Tags H1, H2 and H3 are very important because Google scans your content properly. Using proper and relevant keywords in the heading tags helps get a better search engine ranking. Overuse of the tags is considered as spamming by Google. Hence it should be carefully use.

Start a Blog and participate in other blogger sites:

Search engines like Google give a lot of importance to high quality blogs which are well structured and written. In this way, you will get to know about other blogs on similar industry/company and products, and post your comments, participate in conversations and gain more exposure.

Use Social Media Channels to grab attention:

Use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to share information about your company, product and ask for feedback from customers. This will increase Brand awareness and engage customers positively and drive more customers to the target site and in turn increase search engine rank.

Forum/Blog Marketing:

The best way to help search engines crawl or show up your site is to find out forums online that are related to your niche and participate in the community posts, comments, feedback etc. This helps in brand building of your service, or company or product and also your reputation online.

Social Bookmarking:

By submitting your latest blogs, articles on Social Bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious etc, will give a great way for promotion and exposure.

Moreover, Search Engines keep a tab of these popular websites, because the content on this is updated regularly, and submitting information of these sites, increases your presence on the digital space and also increases your content/blog/website ranking.

Regular Press Releases:

Using the media to cover your industry for a particular niche will be a great idea to get a good market exposure, make more people know about your website and getting links from trusted media sites. Finally, promoting the release online or through social media sites will boost your search engine rankings.

Google Authorship:

Connecting your Google Plus profile to your blog will help you get Google authorship. Integrating Google plus profile with your blog will give you the much needed success because people see your Google plus profile along with the blog which will interest them, and will definitely get more visitors to your blog.

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    • Scott, you right. Google already took away authorship. This change will definitely impact click through on search results.

    • Jenne, you are right. People don’t focus much on keywords. I personally think for newer blog owner should focus more on long tail keywords. I personally use google AdSense for keyword research. There are many good keyword tools available online like long tail pro, WordTrackrer,

  1. Yes, I heard that Google is doing away with Google Authorship also. That’s too bad. Thanks for your informative post! Great!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the forums. That should be utilized more frequently. It creates conversations. Why not post a link to your blog there.

    Also put the keyword you have searched for in your title of your blog/article/video/ and in your first sentence. Make your first sentence leading into a story. If it does not lead it into a story then you are putting your prospect to sleep and you want to avoid that!

    Lawrence Bergfeld