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10 SEO Analysis Tools To Strengthen Your Website

Search engines have well-integrated in our lives¬†that we can’t imagine our lives without them.

There’s barely a day gone without using the search engine for even one time. After all, Internet is a vast place with lots of information in it. From searching restaurants near you to finding tools to customize your car, there’s endless possibilities and you can all get it done with the help of Internet.

In today’s world, there’s no company which can attain success without having good presence of search engines. Search engines are the best bet to go global. Almost every top companies, from Apple to Samsung has a strong foothold over the search engines. And in third era of cut-throat competition, increasing your search engine visibility should be one of your top preferences to give a boost to your business.

The best way to increase your visibility in search engines is with the help of Search Engine Optimization. SEO industry is growing in an insane rate, it’s almost the next big thing in Internet-world. Everybody wants to optimize their content for search engines to get better rankings at search engines.

To start off with, there are several great SEO Analysis tools to get you started with optimization process. But to save you some time, we will be cut it down to some of the best SEO Analysis tools you definitely should use!


WooRank is probably one of the best SEO analysis tool in the market. If you want to get a full ‘SEO’ report of your website, WooRank will help you with it. You can get the report as in the form of a PDF and Slides too, thus giving your more portability with the data. Along with SEO, you can also check your website’s stats on social networking websites such as Facebook. It has also got a new and innovative feature which judges your website’s performance on mobiles and tablets.

The tool is based on a freemium model. With the free account, you can only create a limited number of reports and view all of them. With the premium account, there’s no restrictions like this. It has also got a 7-day trial period, in which you can generate unlimited number of reports.


Site Auditor

Just like WooRank, it produces a detail SEO report about your website. It doesn’t comes with the option of PDF neither with any social network mapping, but it gives you an extensive report on SEO detailing each nook and corner of your website.

The report it generates is broken into 9 parts which are: visibility to search engines, content, meta desktop and mobile speed and many more.

Site Auditor comes under the tools from Raven Tools, one of the reputed companies in industry. It has got a 30-day trial period and plans starting from 99$.

HubSpot Marketing Grader

Unlike other tools mentioned on the list, hubspot’s marketing grader focus extensively on both SEO and other factors like social media and lead generation. You might be well-aware of HubSpot, one of the well-recommended blogging platforms that gets you paid for your writings.

The report generated focuses on 5 factors: SEO, Social Media, Lead Generation, Mobile (how does the blog performs in mobile interface and blogging (checks for all the necessary blogging utilities like social sharing buttons etc.).

Just like WooRank, if you need an all-in-one complete report about your blog, you should go with Hubspot.

HubSpot Marketing Grader

SEO Site Checkup

It is a pure-SEO tool which generates a full-fledged SEO report which you can email it to yourself (or anybody else) or download it as a PDF. It has a sophisticated system of determining the SEO score (which is given out of 100), using 45 checks which comes under 6 different categories. You can even compare your website with any of your competitor’s check where your blog stands compared to theirs.

It also helps you know where your website is lacking (i.e. the loopholes) and help you patch it. If you want a no-nonsense SEO analysis tool, this is your best bet.

SEO Workers

SEO Workers is one of the oldest seo analysis tools in the list, which is quite simple (in features) but still pretty useful. It has got a simple and straightforward interface, you enter your website’s URL and answer the security question and you are good to go.

The report generated by the website contains some important information such as page displayed within search results and many more. It lacks some advanced features like generating a PDF format of the report.


Lipperhey is a completely free SEO analysis service, but unlike others it’s not much popular and well-known with users. But that doesn’t means it lacks any features, as its power-packed with several amazing features.

It gives you score out of hundred, based on your website’s performance. It gives you additional information about your hosting such as hosting IP address, server location to start off with.

UpCity Free SEO Report Card

It’s the only report card which you are going to love!

UpCity analysis your website and post its results in the form of report card. It’s completely free and it ranks yours website on the basis of 18 factors divided under 6 categories: website accessibility, current indexing, link building and many other factors.


Site Analyzer

It is a free SEO analysis tool which analyzes and presents your data on the basis of 71 different factors divided into 5 categories. Along with SEO, it also gives you rank on the basis of Multimedia, design, networking and many other sectors. It gives you a detailed report about your website on number of images and videos used, download time, internal and external links to start off with.


Seoptimer is a free SEO tool which analyzes the given URL’s on-page ranking factors. After that, it gives a summary of all the other facts and figures such as internal and external links, social media rankings, domain and server etc. Though it doesn’t come¬†with advanced features, but the tool is completely free to use.


SEO Browser is one of the amazing SEO analysis tool which takes any web page (you put the link into it) and shows you how it looks to the search engines without the fancy animations and graphics.

It’s a great tool for all those folks who doesn’t wants to get into the technical department yet analyze their webpages and their performance in search engines.

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