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Once a Google SEO penalty is removed will my traffic increase?

Nothing is worse than waking up to see a Google Penalty warning in your web updates. A feeling of dread comes over you, as you wonder if all of your hard work has just come to an end.

Even worse are the times when you don’t receive a penalty at all, instead you just wake up one morning to see that traffic has almost completely stopped to your website.

Either way you end up with the same result, a penalty from Google and almost no traffic.

Course to understand whether or not it is possible to recover from a penalty we must first understand what kind of penalty you have received.

Today we’re going to go over the different types of penalties that you may encounter and go over what results are likely to see once you lose these penalties.

We are also going to go over a few tips and tricks that we have learned that will help you get rid of these penalties in the first place.

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Partial Penalty

A partial penalty is when only part of your website is penalized. To see if you have a partial penalty check out your Google Webmaster tools and see whether or not it says partial match. You may have also received a message from Google that tells you that they are taking specific action against your website as opposed to a broad approach.

If you have received one of these penalties you may not have lost all of your web traffic instead you probably just lost some of your traffic. If this is the case you should still focus on cleaning up your website and following the suggested guidelines.

This is because your website will have no direction to move forward if you have a penalty, in fact it is more likely that you will receive a full site wide penalty in the future.

Google SEO penalty Outcome:

No Improvement

This seems to be the most common problem that we see here Rank Jane. Even though somebody as guide read up their manuals spam penalty they still have not seen an increase in traffic. This can be heartbreaking especially for a small business owner who is taking months of their time to get rid of their penalty only see no improvement.

What seems to happen in these cases is Google has removed the penalty that has not given the old rankings back to the website.

This means that the website is no longer penalizing, but no longer has the trust and authority that it used to have.

Basically the website is free to grow but is not the same level that he used to be at. This makes things a lot easier once we understand this, once we understand that the website able to grow we can start building more content and links to the website will be able to regain its rankings and start seeing more traffic.

This means that the first thing you should do is sit down to make a plan on how you’re going to regain your rankings.

Be sure to only gain natural links, avoid any bad links as you do not want to receive another penalty. Now that you’re on Google’s radar is time for you to follow their guidelines as much is possible.

Some Improvement

This is the case that most websites who’ve been spamming through widgets see when they lose a penalty. What happens is Google has given you a very keyword specific penalty. Generally people who see some improvement after a penalty has left were only penalized by one or two keywords. This is due to over optimization from anchor texts that are pointing at the website.

What has happened is Google has allowed you to start ranking for these keywords again. If you check your major keywords you’ll probably see that you are in the top 10 again however you’re not as high as you used to be. This is why you’re not receiving the same amount of traffic that you are receiving earlier.

In order to regain the traffic that you have lost, you do one of two things.

The first is the most obvious you can try to rank for the same keywords again. Of course you should not try the same strategy that you are using before is this is why obviously got to the penalty. Instead come up with a new strategy to rank for these keywords and avoid any more penalties.

The second way to rebuild your traffic is by going after other keywords. This way you will have to deal with the problem of going after the same keyword and fighting against were Google has decided to place after their manual review.  We have found that this is the best strategy as it is often difficult to rank for the keywords that were devalued.

Improvement once Penguin Refreshes

This is common among websites that have received a penalty. What happens is Google is removing your penalty, but the search engines still don’t know where to place your website.

Once penguin refreshes Google will know where your website belongs in that it doesn’t have a penalty anymore. This means that if you haven’t seen any improvements after penalty has been revoked, there is still hope, wait around and see if your traffic goes back up after penguin is refreshed again.

Site wide Penalty

You can tell that you have had a site wide penalty when Google tells you that you have a penalty with a site wide match. Generally their message will be much more specific and accusatory as they will claim that you have been trying to buy links in order to gain more page rank.

Generally a site wide penalty will completely reduce all of your web traffic all of your pages will be getting less traffic and in some cases you may be getting zero hits a day. This is the worst penalty to wake up to visit generally means that you won’t be getting any traffic for a while.

Fortunately we have found that when a site wide penalty is removed most traffic will generally come back rather quickly. In fact you can expect to be receiving a lot of traffic within the next two days or so.

The first thing you’ll notice is generally you will start to rank for branded keywords again, however long tail keywords may take a while to rank back up. In fact many times we see that once the penalties remove websites will start her receive about 80% of the traffic that they were receiving before.

Our advice to start building more traffic and try to rank for these long tail keywords again. This is because your website will be lacking long tail keyword traffic. We wouldn’t advise going after your old long tail keywords these keywords will be hard to rank for as Google has decided not rank you for the. Instead it is better to use your time to go after keywords that you haven’t been trying to rank for before.

How to Escape a Penalty

Escaping a penalty from Google is not as difficult as some people make it seem. The key is to put in enough time and work; these results will not come overnight anyone involved in SEO should know that results do take time.

If you’re trying to recover from a penalty the first thing you should do is try to realize if you have been hit by a bad link penalty or if it was a thin content penalty. If you don’t know which you won’t know what kind of updates you should make to your website.

The most common penalty that we see in this article we’re going to discuss these penalties and how to get rid of them.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a list of the links pointing to your website. Then divide the list by the page rank or Moz authority to see which links are more powerful and which ones are less powerful. The less powerful links you should do your best to remove, these links are the ones that are most likely giving you the bad link penalty.

You may also want to look and see if you have any links from networks that have been hit by Google. For instance there are a lot of guest blog networks that have been hit by Google and devalued. If you have any links from these networks contact the owners and try to get the links removed.

If all else has failed and you have been unable to remove certain links that you believe are giving you the penalty. Google does have a disavow tool this tool allows you to tell Google which links you don’t want pointing to your website.

It should be used as a last option as some websites seem to have a lot of success of this tool and others don’t. All of your efforts should be put first on removing the bad links, and this tool should only be used in a case where you cannot remove the links.

This process may take a few weeks, and you may find that for some websites you have to remove almost all links. Then what you should do is go through Google webmaster tools and reapply to have your website evaluated once again.

Wait a few weeks for Google to reevaluate your website in a little while you should see a message from Google. If you have not passed the reevaluation do the same method over again, check and see which links pointing to your website. If you seem to have some links that are over optimizing your anchor text, you may just want to remove these links even if they are strong ones.

Reapply over and over again to be evaluated. Do this until you have escaped the penalty, this may take two or three times depending on how well you have remove the bad links in the first place. This is not an easy process which is why you want to avoid penalties in the first place.

Once the penalty has been removed wait up to two days before you decide what to do. Sit back and evaluate what is going on with your website, then take a look through this guide and find what kind of steps you need to take next. Do not act to rashly or quickly as this could end up needing you to yet another penalty which could be disastrous for you and your business. The key to SEO is patience and you should do your best way and evaluate the best way to solve your situation.


In conclusion fighting Google penalties can be a difficult process. Fortunately after helping hundreds of clients we have found different patterns that Google seems to follow. Google is not out to destroy your websites, just remember that they are out to make the search engines as user-friendly as possible.

Keep this in mind when you’re designing your website and how you’re going to optimize it; try to think of things that Google would like to see on your website. This way when you do receive a manual evaluation, Google is more likely to move your website up in search engines rather than penalizing and move it down.

This is something to keep in mind when you’re applying to be reevaluated as well. Remember that you’re no longer dealing with just a machine, but now you’re dealing with somebody who is manually checking on your website. This means that you should make sure you market accordingly, don’t try any tricks they may outsmart a computer.

Instead play as clean as possible as this is what will pay off in the long run in give you the most traffic possible. SEO when done properly can pay off tenfold, however when we rush through things and don’t pause to do real optimization, we can completely lose all of the traffic to your website and be forced to start over.

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  1. I had a few small time penalties on my sites in the past, wasn’t fun to deal with because it broke my site down big time. I lost traffic, lost users and at times I felt like I was going to lose my sites. Thankfully I fixed the problems and re-grew my sites to their full glory. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. With that being said, the best thing to do, is not get penalized, which means don’t cheat Google and nothing bad shall happen. I know people who cheat Google and get caught all the time, and they still do it. And I don’t get why. There are legitimate and good ways of getting things done.

    Anyways, I haven’t been penalized in well over four years now, and I’m so thankful I am paying more attention to what I do with my sites. I research a lot to make sure what I am doing wont get me in any kind of trouble. Penalties are a pain to deal with sometime, but I must admit, this article is going to help a lot of people who have to deal with penalties, because they’re not easy, and it doesn’t help when the stress of it all gets to people more than trying to fix the problem.