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[2015] 8 Awesome Link Building Techniques

Link building acquired a notorious reputation in the last 2-3 years because of people using black-hat spamming techniques. I will only say that despite its bad reputation, link building is a necessary strategy to receive favorable search engine results. It is the responsibility of the link builder to understand the difference between white-hat and black-hat link building techniques and choose the foremost.

8 Awesome Link Building Techniques

Here you go:

8 Awesome Link Building Techniques

1) Google+ Sharing Group

Though Google claims social media sharing has no impact on impact on search engine results, various expert studies and reports found that the claim is true but with an exception. It is found that Google+ shares of a webpage do impact its ranking. Often the shared Google+ link ranks higher than the shared webpage.

Therefore, it is recommended to create an active Google+ sharing group where members will share and +1 blog posts on a regular basis. Make the group accessible for members only and engage in a weekly cleaning drive to remove non-active members.

This strategy will help to gain blog post visibility and authority. Create a Facebook group in a similar fashion and use it to gain social shares.

2) Publish Interviews

Publishing interviews is often recommended as one of the best and trusted link building techniques as it creates good link citations. Make a list of people in your niche whom you would like to interview. Every other day, send out emails inviting them for a blog interview.

You will get good response rate as interviews are a preferred method for blog networking and recurring traffic. The interview need not be a video one. Email the interviewee a list of questions, get their answers and publish them on the website.

Once published, email the interviewee with the live link and request them to share the interview on social media and link to the interview post on their site. Not everyone will agree but many will so do give this link building technique a try.

3) Curate Quotes and Publish List

Neil Patel created this post in 2009 and 6 years down the line, the post is still getting traffic, comments and backlinks. The post is a collection of 101 business quotes. Over the years, many people have used this collection and generously given dofollow and nofollow backlinks to Neil’s post.

Link Building Techniques

It’s a really good link building technique. Do a round-up of good quotes relevant to your business or blog niche and collect them to create a list. You can add the quote in either text or image format. While you’re building this list, find the contact information of the people you’re quoting and save them in a separate file.

Create and publish the list. Email the people you quoted and request them to push it on social media. If they have a blog, they will most likely link to you.

Why this method works? Understand it from Troy Shanks, the expert of this method. He says:

“The almost-obvious thing is to target influencers with the most social following in your niche. A better way is to manually look up the search volumes of the names of those influencers in Google Keyword Planner. People with the most search volumes for their names surely have more interest about them and thus have a better chance of attracting links if their quotes are featured”.

This kind of content is known as “evergreen content”. Till your domain is live and functional, people will continue to search for quotes and generously link back to your domain.

4) Broken Link Building

One of the best in link building techniques but seldom used is broken link building. Broken link building strategy will not only generate high authority backlinks but will improve the whole web ecosystem. The idea is to search for broken links and replace it with your own links.

The broken link building method is carried out with two ways. The first way is where you use software to check and analyse the link pointing to your website and find if any of them is broken. A link is termed ‘broken’ when it leads to a 404 page.

The second way is where you search and analyse links pointing to a different website which is working in your niche. Broken links found this way are useful for careful link curation. Find the broken links and contact the website owner with information of where it is hosted and politely mention that they can remove the broken link and replace it with similar content hosted on your site.

There is less scope of amassing a large number of links because there is a huge manual factor involved in researching and outreaching the websites. However, it remains a really recommended way of building links. If you don’t have other promising link building options, you can use this method.

For detailed guidance, read this post by Citation Labs.

5) Blog Commenting

The blog commenting strategy is very popular with bloggers and business owners as it helps to build quality links in a short span of time without much investment.  Most of the time, the blog commenting links are “no-follow”, which means that Google will not pass link juice to the domain. However, in certain cases, there are blogs which do offer do-follow links.

Over the years, the technique received a bad reputation as a spammy way to generate backlinks because people stated using blog commenting software to generate high volume of links.

We still recommend using blog commenting technique if you do it the right way. What is the right way?

Find blogs relevant to your niche. These blogs should have a comment system enabled. Sign up to their blog newsletter. All new posts will come straight to your inbox. Go to these new posts, read and if you have something meaningful to add, leave a genuine comment on the blog post. The comment is held for moderation and is either approved or trashed by the blog webmaster.

6) Build Tools or Apps

Building and sharing apps or a tool is a long-term link building process.

Building an app or tool involves developing an industry function-specific tool which is widely useful. You need not build a piece of big software that it becomes a product in itself. For instance, there are a lot of PR and DA calculators and a lot of users’ link to them organically.

The reason being that if the app is useful people will use it as reference material and naturally share with others. You don’t need to reach out to others to share again and again. Also, this way, your website gets natural anchor texts too.

Further, you can magnify the link building process by making the tool or app embeddable. The embed option assists in controlling links a little. How? You can specify what anchor text links to which page and if the person embedding it doesn’t edit the code, you get the anchor text links automatically.

However, remain careful that you should not use commercial links excessively as a lot of commercial text links pointing at your website will not look natural. If you still wish to build links to your website through commercial keywords, maintain a level of control in case Google penalizes it later.

7) Embeddable Photos

The technique is a simple way to build high quality and long lasting backlinks.

Image search receives high volume search. People look for high quality images to share and/or embed them on their own website. If you have a website that publishes high quality and relevant images, use this way.

Often what happens is people copy images from websites and do not give credit, not because they do not want to but most because they do not know how to do it.

All you have to do is add a simple script to the images so that when visitors right-click on the images, they are given an embed code. Download this script from Moz, edit the site code and you’re done.

Every time anyone wants to copy an image, the user will see something like this. Right-click on the image there and you will see the embed code.

8) ‘Steal’ Competitor Links

Well, not exactly stealing; it’s more about finding what kind of links your competitors have and getting them for your own website.

You create a list of your business competitors and use link analysis software like Majestic SEO to find out which websites are linking to the competitors website. With this report, you get an idea that if these websites are linking to the competitors, they can link to your website too.

As such, your immediate step is to reach out to these websites with the intention of getting a backlink from them.

The nature of link will vary massively, depending on the kind of links you want to secure and what your competitors are doing to maintain link diversity. It also depends on the kind of marketing budget your business has to get those links.

It is possible that some competitors might be using black-hat SEO techniques to secure links while some other competitors already have high brand value than yours that it is giving them backlinks naturally. These are some factors worth considering.

Be aware of the link building techniques employed. Remember not to make this strategy your only link building model. Maintain variety by involving other link acquisition strategies too. Link diversity has a high impact on website rankings and traffic.


Hoping you found the link building techniques useful. The best link building plan should be a mixture of various techniques to deliver varied and long-lasting results.

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  1. What I like about this blog is that it is great to add pictures. Because pictures add a thousand words. PIctures can go viral. One quote on a picture can change a persons life if he uses it.

    I also like commenting on other peoples blogs and sharing it. Because if you share with others your opinion on something and build a dialogue then you are on your way to building relationships.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    • Thanks Lawrence for wonderful comment. I am agree with you about comment on other blogs, that way you build relation with webmaster and eventually it will help to generate extra traffic.

  2. stealing the competitor backlinks is not always a wise choice. Because sometime they can create wrong link as well and if you use it mistakenly, then it may create a problem for you.