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How to Increase App Installs for Free?

The app market is a very competitive environment. There are 2,500,000+ apps in the market and within this huge market; it is frankly next to impossible to find a strong foothold for new app developers. Budget or no budget, generating traction for any app costs time and a lot of effort.

It’s going to take time to increase app installs for free as compared to what you can achieve with paid app install marketing. Zero dollar marketing might seem a farfetched dream but certain strategies can be employed to increase app installs for free.

7 Ways to Increase App Installs for Free

Objective: To improve app installs and improve its search ranking for continued app installs without constant hustling.

Here they are.

1) Blog Review

If you’ve a blog, review the app and setup a target to rank this review for keywords like “[app name] review” or “review [app name]”. Use on-page and off-page SEO factors to help in search ranking. The review page should link to the app download page which can be hosted either on your site or on third-party platforms like Google Play.

2) Blog Review Campaign

Usually, blog review campaigns require a budget because bloggers charge a fee for reviewing apps or anything else. However, if you’ve an active community of bloggers, reach out to them for an app review offer in exchange for a free license of using your app. If your app works on freemium model, offer something else. Round up about 100-200 blogs for the blog review campaign. The reviews should link to the app download page directly. All the reviews will boost the search engine rank of the app.

3) How-To Videos

You can increase app installs for free using videos. Unless you’re creating the videos yourself, you do need some budget, especially if professional video makers are hired. The video should illustrate how to make the app work, its features and uses. Upload it on video sharing platforms like YouTube and DailyMotion. The ultimate guide to rank YouTube videos is here. Create shorter videos for Vine and Instagram too. Upload the video/s on all video sharing platforms.

4) App Name

The name of the app matters too because that’s a major branding factor. Think of apps like FoodPanda, Angry Birds and Temple Run. People know them due to their branded name. Choose your app name wisely.

5) Promotional Price Promotion

You can increase app installs for free continually with promotional prices if the app is a ‘paid’ one. On occasions like Christmas, Easter Day, Valentine’s Day and others, offer a discount price and promote it on social media sites through beautiful banners. If you have an active list of email subscribers, send a mailer to them too.

You can take it forward with just a little creativity such as whoever makes use of the promotional price offer has to invite 3 other people to use the app and for every person that installs the app, the original referrer gets credits for future payments.

6) Social Media Contest / Giveaway

Using social media to create promotional campaigns is something most online brands use at regular intervals. Since people use social networks like Facebook and Twitter daily, brands recognize that reaching out to people where they are is the best way to promote a product. There are two ways of going about social media contest or giveaway.

  • Joint Contest

Partner with someone to offer a joint contest. Unless you’re a known person, it is mighty tough to generate any sort of traction for any product. Partnering with someone who has a huge follower community and social media presence will help to boost app installs for free. The contest can revolve around the app where people are asked to install it, use it and give some feedback. Winner/s will be chosen based on the feedback. Of course, the joint partner will expect some benefit out of the collaboration.

  • Solo Contest

This is where you’re doing everything on your own. You might need to shell out some budget for Facebook paid marketing or Pinterest promotion. There is no guarantee it will be a success if you haven’t done this kind of promotion before. You can hire an expert campaign developer but again, it will cost money. The first option is most suitable.

7) Use App Forums

The install rates, app reviews, active user base, user ratings quality are some metrics signifying the success of an app. You can increase app installs for free using Android and iPhone forums. Create free account on forums like, and, and introduce yourself, the app and request other users to provide feedback. Reviews from forum members can seriously boost app installs rate.


Use these ways to increase app installs for free. Remember that it is going to take time to see any tangible results but keep your focus on the long-term objective.

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