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How to Start Increasing Your Twitter Following

If you’ve opened this article, it means you’re on twitter.


You need twitter followers.

If you’re a Facebook person, you may not be very active on Twitter.

Similarly, if you have a graphic design, art, and fashion background, you might be interested in Instagram and Pinterest. And, it’s okay.

If you’re a blogger, brand, or a small business owner, and you want to engage the audience on Twitter and want to be one of those people who become so popular on Twitter, then hang tight, you’re about to witness some TWITTER SECRETS.

I’m going to share a few methods that I personally found really helpful in increasing my twitter following — Although, I’m working on it —- it’s a long way to go, but I’m happy to figure out a way to move forward.

Let’s move your business off the ground.

Before I share those SECRETS, let me tell you something important.

These secrets are CORE of social media success.

If you analyze social media influencers, you’ll notice these three factors in their social media campaigns:

1. Consistency

The consistency shows your availability and activeness on the social media platform which is a huge thing. Imagine, some of your Facebook friends know about your EXPERTISE and they also know that you’re quite active on Facebook, they would share the content directly with you along with the public or they might tag you along with other friends. Usually, this happens when someone asks a question.

2. Value

The value is the response which you always give to the people who are connected to you or approach you through any social media network. Not only this but when you think of others and try to share useful information with friends and followers, it means a lot to them.

3. Help

The third factor of social media success is HELPING others. Whether you reply to the tweet or comment on someone else’s Facebook post—it doesn’t matter— when your contribution helps others, they feel so grateful about it. You can’t grow your audience and social media authority without helping others.

Even Twitter has given the similar directions to increasing the twitter followers. They also believe that you have to deliver VALUE to them and keep them ENGAGED.


We’re good here.

I’m pretty much clear what I’m going to do now.

Are you?

I want to share 5 SECRETS of social media success.

I learned the hard way. I failed in the beginning and I’m not GUILTY, instead, I’m proud of it because I learned the lesson, I kept on trying, and finally it started showing some results.

Now, I’m happy to share it with you all.

It’s like I’m transferring the ENERGY.

I don’t know you feel it or not, but I can.

Because, right now, all those memories of years of social media struggle are popping up in mind.

One thing is sure…

whether you agree with me or not…

Let’s admit, I’m not the SOCIAL MEDIA LEGEND!

The secrets are based on my learning. You can disagree with me!

But, at least, give them a try. Buckle up!

5 Ways to Increase your Twitter Following

Here are the 5 ways to increase your Twitter following and start influencing the audience through simple methods of engagement and communication:

1. Get Engaged with Influencers

Getting engaged with influencers is one of the growth hacking techniques content marketers and bloggers use. Twitter is probably better than Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn from the engagement standpoint.

hashtag twitter

One of the reasons is the hashtag. It becomes a lot easier to find the relevant people from the same industry. The experts keep an eye on their industry-specific hashtags to connect with new people, find the relevant content, and keep an eye on the updates.


Similarly, the twitter search provides the glimpse of the on-going activity on a certain topic on Twitter. It could a hashtag or a search term without a hashtag. Now, Twitter has added some parameters in the search which could be used to find the specific type of content on Twitter.

Use Buzzsumo to find what type of content is being shared the most in your niche. This tool gives you an idea of WHAT TO CREATE for your audience. It shows the most shared content against your search term.

2. Retweet Useful Content

One of the secrets of increasing your twitter followers is by engaging your twitter audience and attracting the new one. Nothing would resonate with the audience than the relevant content.

No one can continuously create content of the highest-quality, which is why sharing others’ content is a must-adopt strategy for online marketers and social media activists.

buffer tool

The buffer provides you the opportunity to get this done pretty easily. The best feature of Buffer is tweet-scheduling. Buffer doesn’t only work for Twitter, in fact, it works with Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles as well.

hootsuite dashboard

Hootsuite is another option for tweets scheduling and social media sharing. One of the perks of using such tools is that you don’t have to post on social media on regular basis. The scheduled posts can go live automatically on the pre-defined time and date.

The idea is sharing others content in order to get traction.

When you would share others’ content, they will certainly notice and look back at you, and this produces a chance to begin the communication. This is an outreach strategy which content marketers and SEOs use to meet the brands and influencers.

3. Choose Your Twitter Arsenal

This means you have to keep developing your twitter platform using different tools. In online business and social media activity, the tools are vital part. You can’t grow a blog or an online business without these useful tools.

When you need to build a brand around twitter, make sure you know a couple of great tools to manage your twitter following, outreach, and engagement.

Believe me or not, you can’t do all these things by just signing in to your twitter account on your browser…

If this could be done, these tools won’t be around.

commun-it is one of my favorite tools. It manages your multiple twitter accounts with so ease. The best thing about is that it helps you grow your brand via Twitter. It shows influencers around you, it gives you the recommendation to engage people, it can schedule your tweets, and can automatically tweet as well.

There are many benefits of using but it’s a paid tool and it’s not really a cheap one.

It tells you to reshare influencers tweets and tells you who tweeted about you — in short, it gives you a detailed reporting in one account and takes over all your ‘Twitter engagement’ headache.


Tweetdeck is another useful tool now owned by Twitter. It works as a Twitter dashboard and management tool. It has a various version such as web-based, desktop, and smartphones etc.

It does pretty much the same things that any other twitter management tool does. From scheduling tweets to following hashtags and keeping an eye on the followers to growing the followers, this free tool could be an important part of your twitter growth plan.

Twitter arsenal doesn’t mean these TWO TOOLS.

It actually means you have to find the best ones out there.

Test them and add up to your social media campaign.

And, more importantly, these free or paid tools do not make any difference if you don’t understand your AUDIENCE and BRAND VALUE.

If you don’t know what to SAY and DELIVER to your audience, then these tools can’t do anything.

You got to find your strong message and helpful information to keep feeding your followers and attracting the new ones.

4. Keep an Eye on the Stats

Increasing your Twitter following doesn’t mean just you have to keep trying to connect with people. Instead, you should be aware of your previous followers and especially the followers and non-followers who are sharing your content on Twitter.

Twitter search and notifications tell you a lot about the Twitter activity around you but these options aren’t enough, which is why some Twitter tools have taken a place in the social media space.


Topsy is one of those tools. It does the tweet stats analysis amazingly. This is one of the best twitter management tools out there. It’s more like a twitter search engine which provides you the information about your content’s sharing on the Twitter. All you have to enter the URL of your article, website, or blog post to analyze the sharing status. It will show a report about the tweets and users (who tweeted that article or link).

5. Build a Community of Relevant People

The community building is a great ingredient of Twitter following. From twitter chats to hashtag following, there are different strategies of getting associated with relevant people on Twitter. SEMrush Twitter Chat is popular among SEOs, Bloggers, and Online Marketers.

You can use Disqus commenting system on your blog to start communicating and engaging people.


One of the coolest ways of building a community and increasing your Twitter following is by using Triberr. Triberr is a social platform which connects you with other Tribe members and admins who have created their tribes on the Triberr. You have to join your relevant tribes and get started sharing other members content. Once you get promoted to a full member, your content will be eligible for sharing by others. The more you share others content, the more you develop your social connections. This is how it works.


You create a community of favorite twitter users/influencers or relevant people using Twitter Lists. You can add a lot of people in your twitter lists. It’s kind of following the tweets of favorite which you didn’t follow directly…

Of course, you can’t follow an unlimited number of people as it is proportionate to your own followers…

Twitter lists option comes out as a solution to this problem.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to start increasing your Twitter followers, then take the action today. It doesn’t mean you have to use all those mentioned tools to get this done…

In fact, give them a try and find the ones you’re comfortable with.

It doesn’t have to be all of them.

Just start trying one by one and observe the difference in your Twitter presence.

Whether you just hang out and wait for people to follow you or you take some action, communicate with people, appraise them (where it’s necessary), share others’ content, and deliver value to your own followers.

The  DEDICATION and ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY will be the base of your Twitter Success.

RankJane will help you to find the potential of your website or blog. Use this tool to get an SEO report and a social media analysis of your blog/website.

Always remember, these tools are just the apparatus to get things done. The major thing in the Twitter success is WHAT YOU DO and WHAT YOU KEEP ON DOING?

Deliver value. Wait for none. See the reward. (huh, kind of philosophy)

But all kidding aside, GIVE before you aspect to TAKE something…

How will you use Twitter now?

Please tell us in the comments.

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