How To Market Your Online Business

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How To Market Your Online Business- 10 Essential Business Marketing Tips

The most challenging tasks for a business owner is marketing their business online.

Making a perfect business marketing strategy is getting tougher and tougher these days because of high competition.

Even kids are not lacking behind to try their hands in online marketing (they don’t care about going to school these days). 🙂

Everything from the design of the website, to figuring out where you should advertise, to trying to figure out how SEO works can seem a bit overwhelming.

Some things that you should focus on that are sure to improve your business’ presence online.

1. Have A Focused Plan

When planning your site you want to ask yourself what it is that you want your website to accomplish.

Are you trying to draw more customers?

Do you want to send a message?

Are you primarily looking for traffic?

As soon as you come to know what exactly you want to get out of your site, then you need to ask yourself what you want your visitors to get from your site.

What is going to make them want to come to it? What will make them want to stay?

Once you’ve answered these questions you can sit down and plan out your design and your content, what your site will offer, and the general feeling that you want your website to convey.

2. Start From the Ground Up (With The Basics)

No matter how great your company or your product is, a bad design and poor coding can destroy your chances at becoming a prominent online force.

Read more about the reasons here.

If you are not a coder or a designer yourself, make sure that you use a good template or hire a good designer.

You want a clean, well-written code that will make your page load and function better and you want a design that is attractive and has an impact that your visitors will find pleasant.

Make sure that your website loads quickly, has a reduced design for mobile devices, and has a reliable host that doesn’t go down or overload their servers causing slow loading times for your site.

3. Have a Personality

There was a time when strict professionalism was seen as the best thing that you could do for your business, but in the internet age that is not necessarily the case.

While you don’t want to exactly be unprofessional, showing a human side to your business can endear you to potential customers.

Visitors these days love being able to see a glimpse of the person or people behind the business and to feel as though they are connecting with another human rather than a nameless, faceless corporation.

Being a small business can be one of your greatest assets in attracting customers.

Let yours see who they will be doing business with.

4. Focus On Content (Exact Quality Content)

Because websites are so common and so important, what you put on that website is critical.

Provide your visitors with more than just dry information about when the business was founded.

Sure, it is important to have information about the business itself and what it offers, but it’s also almost necessary to also have a blog that is relevant to your business.

Blogging gives people a reason to stick around on your site for awhile and a reason to keep coming back to it even when they aren’t necessarily looking to buy anything.

It connects you to your customers and provides them with information you couldn’t give them otherwise.

Read more –  Why your small business should be blogging.

5. Engage Your Customers

One of the many things that you need to be doing to make the most out of your online presence is to be utilizing social media.

Have an account on each of the main social media websites and use it.

Post on social media sites every time you update your blog, make an announcement, or update your site.

Also use it to communicate easily and directly with your customers.

You could also use an app like BufferApp to schedule posts at various social media platforms.

Something More – Check this article from Wall Street Journal that discusses various tricks from experts about using social media for your business.

6. Know SEO and How to Use It

SEO means using various techniques to improve the position that your website shows up on search engines when someone searches for certain keywords.

In order to get more traffic, you want your site to show up as high as it possibly can because people rarely look very far in search engine results.

Make sure, you are familiar with all the techniques, know how to use them, and are implementing them if you want your business to stand a chance against other similar businesses.

Here is a great introduction to SEO for small businesses.

7. Know How To Utilize Analytics

The very first thing you have to do is set it up for your website, but once you’ve done that you want to go in and look at the data.

Make sure you understand Google Analytics and then start using it to improve your website, your SEO, and your traffic.

8. Update Regularly

Don’t let your website go stagnant.

You need to regularly update it, put in new information, and post on your blog.

This shows customers that your business is thriving, even if you are really just getting started.

Also it gives them a reason to keep coming back to your site because they know that the likelihood that there will be new content for them is high.

Studies have shown that as soon as you miss an update with your blog regular visitors start to fall off.

Keep up a regular blogging schedule even if you need to hire writers to post for you.

This schedule doesn’t need to be hectic and even just a post every week or two can be enough to help your business.

9. Build Relationships

Know about the other businesses out there that are similar to yours and contact them, form relationships, and find ways to link to one another (such as in your blog).

This provides for crossover traffic for both of your websites which benefits both businesses.

10. Do Your Research

Chances are that just about everything you might want to do has been done before.

Someone else has gone through it and made all of the mistakes and then helpfully decided to tell others about them.

Never hesitate to go online and run a simple search for things like boosting your SEO or how to better connect to customers or how to use social media most effectively.

Also, things can change overnight on the internet and you always want to be aware of them and ensure that you are keeping up with them every time that they do.

This keeps your business relevant and your customers enticed.

Final Words

In conclusion, you want to provide something your customers really want and then to utilize all of the techniques and tools that you have available to you.

Do you know any internet business marketing (good marketing) tips for small businesses that I missed ? Would love to hear from you….:)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this article. I can’t think of anything more to add because I think you have it covered. Thank you for sharing these tips and for providing food for thought. Take care!

  2. These tips are simple and concise. One would think this would be common knowledge, but I am grateful for these tips. Thank you so much for these thoughts. I will be sure to apply them.

  3. You definitely have to give value for others to want to return to your blog and spread the word to their friends. When they do that and comment then and then you are on your way to having an audience. Not before!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  4. That’s a nice post with worthy suggestions. Learning a few basics is a must – especially the analytic tools. When you have data and when you learn how to draw information out of them, it’ll be much easier to make future decisions.

    I appreciate your point about building relationship. It’s impossible to prosper being a deserted island. Establishing connection with fellows in related field and working together makes you more successful.

  5. Hi there
    This post is well written i would like to appreciate your work
    And by the way these tips helps out for The one’s who’s planning to start a new on-line business.

  6. Great tips really enjoyed it!
    I personally like point 3 “have a personality” or a very friendly team, which is quite nice to see these days.

  7. One of your tips says we should have a nice and neat design. This is something really important because while content is the main reason clients and customers will return to your site the design can also affect this decision. If the site’s usabillity sucks and visitors get lost from one page to another you can be sure they won’t ever come back. An ugly design can also drive visitors away so this is something to have in mind.

  8. How to market your online business is complicated because there are so many things to focus, pay attention and care about. I like your style of writing and even joking 🙂

    Making plan is something we need to do for a start and think how to realize this plan. Knowing what we want helps us a lot in fulfilling our plans. I pay big attention to design because I’m visual person so I like attractive design. If some webpage looks visually catchy I want to stay more and come back. It is also needed to remember to adjust design for cell phones because if it is not done like it should be some visitors won’t come back.

    I like your tip about personality the most! I dislike too professional approach without human side. I like to know who is behind some project and I see it much more friendly. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  9. You’re right that it’s the biggest challenge – not just marketing your business online, but simply the marketing of your business in general, because neither is any easy feat. So the point that I’m getting at here is any tips that you have are going to be very helpful, so thank you for this post! Some of these tips should seem like common sense, but I’m glad that you said them anyway, because people need to be reminded about exactly how important they are. Things like focusing on content, working to update reguaely and keep to a schedule, and actually engaging your customers are things that people often seem to fall short on, and as a prolific blog reader, these failires are the things that most often cause me to lose interest, forget that a website ever existed and to never return to that small corner of the Internet again. Great tips and awesome post!

  10. I’ve just started an online business just a few months ago, and I’ve been having some troubles getting it to market out there. I use social media, as well as do a lot of SEO work, but it’s clear I’m not doing all of the work available to me.

    Oh, and I do have quality content, but I don’t think it draws people in that much, or maybe it’s something else, I’m not sure. I suppose it’s time I start doing some research and see what I can do next to promote my business out there to more people. It’s not easy, but I believe I’ll get through it. And these top 10 tips are helping me figure some things out already, so that’s quite helpful. Thanks! Have a wonderful New Year by the way!