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How to Make Your Blog Post Successful

Ever thought to write a sensational blog post?

We all want to write that.

Some people know exactly how to do it.

The secret sauce isn’t that difficult.

Just create something that really delivers. So all comes underneath one umbrella.

Write to deliver.

This might change your entire blogging.

If you’re a company, you might look forward to setup your company’s blog – because the benefits of a blog are incredibly huge.

Once in a while everyone thinks to have the plan to boost the business or to individual start something out.

The blog could be that thing to start over.

Are you worried now?

Do you think writing is a problem for you?

What if there is something else which is a real problem!

Lack of having an opinion is a problem.

If you have a say – You can blog, pretty amazingly.

Most of the people stuck at this point – How to write and what to write.

In order to write well and make your article successful, obviously there has to be something important inside your content. These 3 things will help you to write good content:

  1. Following the top blogs and bloggers

Following the top bloggers helps you to understand what’s going on. You come to know about latest trends and updates. You learn when influencers share their experience and how they tackled the tough situations early on in their career.

  1. Adopt a continuous learning process

Learning doesn’t stop. Once you realize that concept, you become eager to keep learning which ultimately takes you closer to the point #1. It’s extremely important to have a passion for learning new things and explore new possibilities.

  1. Use all possible sources to craft a lesson

A well-written doesn’t just come out of a research. It takes your past experience, exposure, and observation. You might have heard a podcast and kept few points in mind, you probably found a relevant article to support the argument, you found out something with your experience – all can be shared throughout your content creation career. You can’t limit few resources or areas to learn things. Always be ready to find new ways of knowledge.

Lessons are everywhere.

We need to push ourselves to find those lessons.

Jocelyn K. Glei documented an article with quotes of different authors and experts to help the people understand what writing means to people – and how to give something extra into it. The feedback on her article stunned me that how people responded to her idea of quoting the point of views of different authors and writers.

Writing a successful blog post has a direct connection with the good writing.

And to write better, you need to know what makes your writing better.

Mary Jaksch shared her 7 secrets of writing good content in this article. She believes that every writer thinks the same way and every writer gets better and better with every sentence he/she writes.

One thing is obvious.

Writing is a process. You’ll learn along the way.

So keep digging. Keep finding what makes a blog post shareable and successful.

I’ve got 5 important elements that I learned over the course of time – and, it could be life changing for your content strategy.

Take a look at 5 Elements that Make a Blog Post Successful

  1. A Catchy Headline that Captivates

A blog post won’t attract the readers if it doesn’t begin with an attractive title. Why would someone agree to give his/her next 5 minutes to your article if your title doesn’t attract?

Making headlines catchy is a bit tricky thing to do – once you go off the track, it can revert the effect with sort of backfire…

One of the ideal things to do while writing the blog post title keeping the context in hand.

Once you slips towards creativity or creating a dramatic effect, there is a chance you might leave the real stance of your case, which is a serious problem to deal with.

If this happens, it would mean that your article and title are not parallel to your message.

Problogger blog post titles are always incredible. They create simple, easy-to-understand, and catchy titles.

HubSpot does this pretty amazingly. They titles contain simple and meaningful vocabulary.

  1. An Engaging Start of the Blog Post

A kind of start that pulls the readers always get a better response as compared to the titles that don’t. An engaging start means to give a bit of surprise or shock to the reader which results in the form of curiosity in the readers’ mind to check it out further.

Marketers know this kind of mind science.

Have you seen such Facebook Ads or Sponsored Posts that tend people to open the links to find the answers?

Copyblogger’s articles are often fit in when it comes to an engaging start of the article.





Readers find a space full of impact, which is why they try to stick with the blog post to find out what’s next.

  1. Images that Support text

Images are a vital part of the blog post success. The SEO Experts and Content Marketers don’t end up the discussion of creating content and publishing the blog post to make it viral. Images do play a big role in making any blog post successful.

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Organic Image Reach:

    Images are an important part of the search engines. Most search engines have a separate section of image search. When a blog post has one or more than one image, the chances are that the post finds more audience through image search.

  2. SEO Factor Involvement:

    When an image is being used in the blog post, it contains a title, description, and alt tag, which ultimately signals the search engines to find the blog post against the relevant keywords. Optimized and well-defined images in a blog post really help out the overall SEO progress of the blog.

Canva might help you to create the images for your blog posts. If you want to go deeper, you can find a relevant Slideshare presentation on the topic to quote in your content. You can also create your own presentation on Visme.

  1. References and Quotes

Adding the references of the others’ content mean more ‘Authority and Credibility’ of the standpoint. When other experts have similar point of view like yours, it always goes into your favor.

Linking to them (or their content) gives a positive message to your audience, because when they find out that others have similar views on this topic, it makes your views credible and authoritative.

Similarly, quotes mean a lot. Especially when you quote the expert of any field.

General quotations are little different in this situation, but technically they also add value to the content. If you remember anyone’s quotation relevant to the topic, then don’t miss out the opportunity. You might find quotations from BrainyQuotes quite amazing to use in the blog post.

Neil Patel shows a dozen of references related to his blog post topic in his every blog post. It means reference adding and quoting others are valuable methodologies to engage the readers and make your content authoritative.

neilpatel blog style

  1. Shareability Factor in the Message

People love to share the content when there is something valuable or deliverable in the message. People often useful, funny, and meaningful videos and images on the social media.


Because they find it helpful or interesting, and they want to share it with friends.

Some videos or sharing go viral on Twitter or Facebook because people like it and they share with their friends… and the process remains on for a long time.

When your blog post is worth a share, it would definitely get shared across the web.

This is definite. People share awesome content.

Buffer’s blog is known for publishing high quality and helpful content. Check out the number of shares on their article. They have pretty much the same number of shares on every article.


Social Media Examiner’s articles also get a huge number of sharing…

socialmediaexaminer is one of the few content publishing sites whose content get like a viral campaign.

The reason is shareability factor… it gets shared because it deserves to be shared.

Your Part

Once you start applying these elements in your blog post – It would be a lot easier for you to make your content successful on the regular basis.

It’s true that content needs to have utility, benefit, taste, and charm inside it in order to become popular.

Once you come to know the trick of making such a content, you feel more aware about hitting those chords of the readers’ mind.

What else would you do to make your blog post successful?

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