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How to Improve Your Social Media Shareability

Did you hear the song Gangnam Style?

Of course. Everyone did.

That’s a silly question.

Do you know it’s been 3 years and it is still the most viewed video on the YouTube?

Over 2 billion views in 3 years.

The only closest video in terms of views on YouTube is Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ song with 1.1 billion views, but remember that it was uploaded in 2010.

How big ‘Gangnam Style’ song is?

Many of us watched on YouTube, some of your friends shared on Facebook. It was everywhere.


Why did it become so hit?

Of course. It got viral on the internet. That’s true. But that’s not what I’m asking.

I’m asking, why?

The answer is very simple.

Answer: It has had that ability to go viral.

Let me give you 3 reasons for that:

  1. Amusement

It was kind of amusing. The viewers never used to slip off during the song because it was amusing. Whoever watched it once, watched again and again, at least a couple of times.

  1. Entertainment

There is no doubt that it was entertaining. The steps, dance, characters, and especially the PSY, and his moves.

  1. Fun

Yes. It was fun watching that song. It had everything such as the music, flavor, fun, and excitement.

What’s the point?

The point is, when there is something in the content, it becomes shareable.

Remember that Social Media is an ever-ready platform — It’s you who is getting late in creating the momentum.

You can create a compelling blog post that may outclass the top competitors in the search engines or become viral on social media.

If you want to know what it takes to create such a blog post that goes viral on social media,

then keep reading…

There are certain attributes that differentiate such a content from average content. Find out about those characteristics:

5 Characteristics of the Shareable Content

  1. Vibrant in Nature

The content needs to be sparkling in the shape and nature. The vibrant in nature means it shows off full swing of utility and value for the readers. From headline to sub-titles, size to the conclusion, message engagement, internal linking to useful tools mention, everything should go perfectly in order to make it crystal clear and vibrant.

  1. Newsworthy for People

People always share newsworthy content on social media. It has been observed that most of the users on social media reshare the interesting content with their friends and followers before actually start reading, which shows that newsworthy and interesting content gets shared.

  1. Educational for Everyone

When a certain content helps anyone, it is likely to attract the reader who may end up subscribing to the source (blog) in order to not miss the future content from that blog. The educational content means it helps readers in learning something. It delivers a valuable lesson.

  1. Funny or Entertaining

The fun factor always attracts people to check out things. Whether it’s a funny video, picture, quote, or any other medium, people just want to check it out, enjoy, and share it with friends.

  1. A Problem Solver

One of the most important factors of a shareable content is that it is a ‘problem solver’. It helps people to get things done. People always look for solutions and they love when a problem solver pops up and tells them what to do in the hour of need. Whenever a reader finds a helpful blog post and he/she thinks it would help his/her friends/followers, and then he/she loves to share on social media.

Those were some major characteristics of a shareable content.

We see it every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Now coming to the area where you should know how to make that type of content.

After all, you’re not there just to read others’ shareable content…

You have to produce that type of content too.

And, we’ll make sure that you find out exactly what it takes to produce that type of content.

Are you ready?

You have to understand the whole process.

4 Ways to Improve Social Media Sharing

Take a look at the four ways to improve your social media shareability:

  1. Create Irresistible Content for Your Audience

The creation of useful and helpful content makes readers convinced. They get impressed when they find the suggestions helpful and applicable. Content Marketers always mention useful tools in their content which are relevant to the topic in order to increase the utility of the content.

The purpose of the content is to deliver the help and utility, and when such tools help the readers, and the purpose gets served. The idea of getting social shares can’t be successful if the content isn’t worth a share.

So the story begins from the great content. The definition of a great content varies from expert to expert and business to business, but one thing remains the common, and that is ‘Value‘ – it always delivers value to the readers and audience. There could be many other factors that make any blog post successful such as size, title, sub-headings, images, and the message.


Kissmetrics article explained exactly what it takes to make a successful and shareable content on social media platforms.

When you create an extremely helpful content that people can’t ignore, they will like to share with others. The science of sharing on social media is worth to understand. People don’t normally share your content because they want to help you, they share because they want to help their friends and followers who will possibly be getting benefit out of it.

So, whenever someone shares your content, you should thank them for sharing your content.

This article reveals that one of the motivations behind the sharing is to bring valuable and entertaining content to others.

  1. Address the Readers’ Problems in Your Content

When a piece of content that intends to help the readers is published, it somehow begins to get traction, and when it does, it enters into the process of getting scanned. The scanning is the content marketing term which explains the behavior of a reader who arrives on the article and takes a quick look of the text body. He sees heading, subheadings, bullets, and images in particular.

You might be able to convince readers to open the post through various social media channels, promotions, and marketing techniques, but shareability factor would start influencing when your initial readers would find your stuff really valuable and worth to check.

This Buffer article took 3 days to cross 1,000 retweets, 500 likes, 600+ LinkedIn shares, and around 100 G+…


Imagine just 3 days…

What will happen in 30 days? And in 90 days? And in 1 year?

What are the reasons of getting so many shares on social media?

There are certain reasons of getting so much sharing on social media such as:

  1. Written for the target audience – If the content is published for the right audience, they are going to love it. For instance, Buffer is a social media sharing utility and their customers belong to the Web, IT, Online Marketing, and E-commerce. So their blog creates everything that a business needs to do online and the community loves it. They understand their audience, which is why they are expanding their audience.
  2. Prolific Past Experience – When the visitor arrives on the content, he enjoys reading it, and subscribes to the blog — this means he will be coming back, and when he keeps coming on the blog and every time loves the content, at a certain point, he becomes loyal to the platform/blog, due to his past experience, he creates an image of the blog that this blog always publishes useful and helpful content.
  3. In-depth Analysis – There is no shortcut to in-depth and lengthy content. You don’t have to create a long article to make it look like helpful… The size doesn’t necessarily depict the utility and quality of the article, however, the great content has normally been seen a little longer than the average size of articles.
  1. Use a Decent Social Sharing Plugin

You would find a significant decrease in the social media sharing of your content if you completely remove the options to share the content on social media. In fact, you might find a 100% decrease in your social media sharing if you remove such social sharing plugins from your blog or website.

The readers want assistance. They won’t bother to copy and paste the links of the articles they find attractive to share on Facebook and Twitter, but they will likely to click on the social sharing buttons on the article to share with their friends and fans.

Readers are lazy.

Let’s admit it.

Everyone knows that but no one says that. That’s the point.

You’ll find blogs and websites that provide so much ease to share the content so that their readers won’t have to do much to share the content.


The paid social media sharing plugins are like a blessing in disguise.

You will find many social media plugins which are paid, but they are really worth it.

Check CodeCanyon for plugins.


You can use free social media sharing services like Addthis and Sharethis.

  1. Engage the Fans on Regular Basis

This one is extremely important.

The engagement of fans and customers is not just the sharing of content and expect them to like and share. Although, liking, resharing, and retweeting are the major signals every brand expect from the fans and customers, but it doesn’t mean the engagement is just the sharing of content with them.

It could be a question, quotation, image, or one-line secret.

Something that helps your audience.

Your brand shouldn’t there just to sell every time it engages the audience.

A Research by TrackMaven shows that the biggest engagement channels are Facebook likes & sharing + Twitter tweets. Pinterest and LinkedIn account for less than 1% of sharing.


However, that research clearly depicted that Twitter and Facebook are the dominant platforms as far as social sharing is concerned, but it might vary from business to business…

The brands in interior design, home and décor, and fashion prefer Pinterest and Instagram over all other platforms.

TV channels, Press, Media, and Digital Marketing brands are likely to depend on the YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s more likely to depend on the business category. At the end of the day, what matter is, how well a brand identifies the audience and uses an engagement platform.

Regularly analyze your popular blog posts for Social sharing and SEO analysis in order to find out what type of content is doing well on your blog. Rankjane is a popular tool to analyze your content performance and social media shareability.

Your Turn

We believe that a single strategy alone can’t get you a loyal audience and regular content shareability. You need to be consistent with all the ways mentioned to improve your content shareability.

Let’s discuss…

What else would you do to increase your social media shareability?

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