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How to Grow as a Blogger

Have you ever thought about taking a step forward in blogging?

Of course, everyone wants to be ahead.

But, not everyone does fulfill the requirements that needed.

A blogger writes content, engages with the audience, and try to help the people in order to make its blog a success, but many of them struggle to get through. Many of the blogs that start never see the third year.

So, in this blog post, I want to discuss that how can someone who blogs passionately grow as a blogger.

This blog post is for everyone likes to blog, wants to build a career in blogging, or started his/her blog never saw much results. Because this has to be addressed now. People keep on pushing hard on how to start a blog, how to make it successful, and how to get affiliate sales, but nobody actually talks about growing as a blogger.

In this post, I’m going to talk about everything that takes for a blogger to grow and get better at this.

Because newbie bloggers won’t see this coming.

All they want is Adsense earning or Affiliate sales to appear.

Money does come at some point.

What if I tell you that there is something else which needs to be acquired in order to become a better blogger?

Always remember this quote:

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo

So, let’s dig deeper in this and find out what it takes to grow as a blogger.

How does a Blogger Grow?

A blogger begins the journey with writing his/her own blog. The aim is to make it successful and worthwhile for the audience. There are certain indicators of a blog success such as search engine ranking, audience building, earning etc.

Most of you might think that making a blog successful is the actual growth of a blogger. This does matter in the growth but not entirely. A blogger does grow when his/her career starts impacting others’ career, meaning, the blogger’s career is helping others to build their careers, either by inspiration or by following the teaching. In either case, such things show that a blogger is growing as a blogger. There are many other factors a blogger must know about growing as a blogger.

Factors of Growing as a Blogger

Take a look at the important factors that will play an essential role in a blogger’s growth:

Agenda Behind the Blog

The agenda is something that brings you to start that blog. It’s the big cause that led you to make a start. You must have one, no matter how small or big is that. It should be very clear and you have to remember that.

Have you ever listened bloggers often talk about this?

For instance, (they often say) I quit my job and wanted to follow my heart and live an entrepreneur life. So I became my own boss and started a blog.

This is called the agenda.

You must have one.

Don Sturgill wrote an amazing post on quitting the job and make a living as a blogger. It helps you analyze that how you can practically take a giant leap of quitting the job and manage to survive in this world.

Tom Ewer clearly revealed his agenda of his blog on the very first line of his About page.

So, if you want to grow as a blogger, you must have an agenda.

Haven’t decided the agenda yet but still doing blogging?

This means nobody ever told you this.

It’s okay. You can fix this thing, from now onwards, make sure you never publish your next blog post without deciding your blog’s agenda and writing that in your blog’s ABOUT page. This will drive your blogging strategy towards success.  

Passion of Pursuit

The passion of pursuit is an energy that has to be there in a blogger. A blogger who wants to grow as a problogger must have a passion for blogging.

Have you ever seen bloggers to start blogging part-time and don’t get time to post?

This is what we call it the lack of passion.

When a blogger is passionate about blogging, then he/she will pursue it.

Every blogger learns and finds a way to get better.

All this won’t happen if the passion of pursuit isn’t there.

Owen Fisher has got some tips on pursuing the passion.

What does passion mean to bloggers?

It has to do a lot with bloggers. It’s like jumping off the cliff. If you don’t want to jump off, you would hesitate and you might end up frustrated. On the other hand, if you’re passionate about cliff jumping and you take it life’s biggest adventure, you would love to do that.

If you want to grow as a blogger, PASSION is your best ingredient. Without passion, you won’t proceed.

How to Use the Passion in Blogging?

  • Ask Yourself about the Writing: Many of us might not be interested in sitting on a laptop and writing the stuff down. Ask yourself whether blogging your thing or not? You might end up finding your passion in video making or podcasting.
  • While Selecting the Niche: Niche selection is choosing the category of your blog. It shows what type of audience you want to serve and what kind of interest you have .
  • Choosing the Topics: The topics in your niche that you’re interested in covering might boost your blogging. Not every topic does make every blogger comfortable. Try to push hard and cover the maximum ground in your niche. The right selection of topics will take your blog off the ground.

Learning the Consistency

One of the top things that successful bloggers do is adopting the consistency. Nobody ever succeeded in blogging without being consistent. You’ll always find people telling others about consistency, but how many of them actually told the solution which is learning how to attain the consistency.

This is what needs to be done.

How to Learn Consistency

There isn’t any certain formula of being consistent on anything, but entrepreneurship and leadership experts reveal that consistency is a mindset. It all comes from decision-making and sticking to those decisions.

Following are the necessary footsteps of learning consistency:

A) – Goal Setting

Consistency would never be achieved if there isn’t any goal behind it. For instance, you want to build a blog that earns $1000 per month and you give yourself a timeframe of 1 year. After one year, you would have to achieve that target. The $1000 per month earning is your goal and the one year is your timeframe. Once you’re given that target, you will have a goal in mind to achieve it, then your strategy will be designed regarding that goal or you might make plans accordingly.

B) – Defining the Roadmap

Once the goal is in front of you, the next comes in the mind is the way forward which requires a roadmap to cover the ground. So, defining the roadmap becomes the next important thing to achieve consistency. Without a proper plan, nothing is possible.

Do remember The Avengers film, when Captain America says to Iron Man that we need a plan of attack?

Then, Iron Man replies,

I have a plan: ATTACK!

So, the point is defining the roadmap or clarifying the plan, which is quite necessary.

C) – Executing the Plan

At last comes the execution. When you have developed a plan and you have defined the way forward, then comes the real part. The execution. This is where actual play happens. If you want to be consistent at something, you need to follow this pattern.

Executing is actually getting the hands dirty and feeling the sweat.

Do it, otherwise, you won’t move forward.

The idea of being consistent would be unsuccessful if you’re doing something you don’t love. This is the basic concept. All that being said, this consistency thing being discussed assuming that you’re following your heart and doing what you’re passionate about.

Honing the Skills

A blogger who wants to grow professionally should never think that he/she is good at this. The more a blogger becomes a learner, the better he/she gets at this.

It’s true that consistency improves the skill set, but there has to be a will too.

A learner always learns faster than the one who doesn’t have the desire to be better.

This is one of the most important factors of growing as a blogger, in my opinion.

All these things that require in blogging success have a connection and they are inter-connected. You can’t improve your skills if you’re not consistent, and you can’t be consistent if you’re not passionate about whatever you’re doing.

So, choose wisely, whether it’s about pursuing the blogging career or a niche selection. The right call at the right time is important. Once you’re sure that you want to proceed, then go ahead and keep on improving your skills.

Steps of Growing as a Blogger

There are a few basic steps that could help any new blogger who wants to become a problogger. Take a look at them:

Step #1: Make Relations

It’s a two-word tip. “Make Relations”

In reality, there is a lot to discuss in between those two words. Luckily, we’re going to discuss the importance of building relationships and more importantly how to make that relationship, so at the end of the day, when you think about the piece you would have written, you might have something to ponder.

When a blogger thinks of growing as a blogger, it doesn’t mean that blogger has to publish more content, build a new blog design, and get a fancy toolkit to improve the blog. All such things are essential to help grow the blog from a web perspective, but we are talking in branding perspective.

In order to build relations, a blogger can do a number of things that would not only help him grow, but it will also generate more opportunities for expanding the network:

  1. Guest Post: It’s a good way of reaching out to the peers as well as influencers in the niche. You might end up getting 2 guest post opportunities out of 10 pitches, but make sure they are worth it. In order to do that, always choose the best blogs in your niche to reach out.
  2. Connect on Social: Social media is one of the perks of today’s technological world. Everyone is connected and it just opens up so many opportunities of getting connected. There could be no better tool online than social media to build relations and expand the network.
  3. Publish on Networks: One of the good ways of taking your content in front of the new audience is by publishing your content on the platforms like LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. The content repurposing is a popular term in that regard.
  4. Engage with Community: The community building and getting engaged with it plays a vital role in our bid to grow as a blogger. A blogger’s existence on social media doesn’t mean that he is there to share his content and that’s it. Instead, he should be helping others more than thinking about sharing his content.

The relation building is not a 1-month process that you can grab a few techniques and start hoping that you will build some relations successfully and leverage your blog success through that.

It’s totally based on honesty.

If you’re being greedy with the social network of yours, you’d end up frustrated.

You will also learn about building relations in the next steps, at the end of this post, you will eventually figure out that relation building is a vital ingredient of growing as a blogger.

Step #2: Define Your Audience

As a blogger, it’s your duty to clearly understand your audience. The definition of a blog audience is that it’s a population segment that is typically interested in the niche and the topics you’re covering at your blog.

It means that every reader isn’t your reader.

It helps us understand that we should be very clear about our target audience.

How to Identify the Target Audience?

It’s quite simple to find who your audience is. There are a few things that need to be pointed out in order to clarify the target audience. Be advised, there is a difference between identifying the target audience and finding the target audience. So, in order to identify your target audience, note down the following things:

  • Your Niche: Analyze what niche you’re in. It will direct you towards your target audience. Niche is normally known as a specific segment of the population but the more we narrow it down into sub-niches, the easier it becomes to work on.
  • Your Interests: Do not ever ignore your interests. Make sure you’re interested in the niche you have selected, otherwise, you won’t be able to serve the audience in a better way.
  • Type of Audience: As I said before, the niche is a specific population, you should narrow it down further to identify the exact audience. In order to do that, you must know who you should reach out to. For instance, a blogger who starts a blog in blogging niche and wants to target the bloggers who fail to make money online.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Your all efforts of building a blog and growing as a blogger could fail if you totally neglect the monetization strategy. It’s true that it shouldn’t be your priority, after all, you vow to work for the betterment of your readers but still at the end of the day you need to survive, so find that balance that keeps you afloat.

Once you have figured out all these things, you’ll definitely be a step closer to your target audience.

The audience identification will help you get in a position where you can start focusing on the future. On the contrary, imagine, if you have chosen the wrong audience for your blog, and your interest kept on going down with the passage of time, you will end up someday without not-so-great experiences in the backpack.

It’s extremely important for a blogger who wants to scale the blogging career must adopt the strategies that bring clarity in the process.

Have you ever seen travel bloggers?

Their focus is always on travel. They are the perfect example of pursuing the niche and staying on the radar.

Check this blog post about travel bloggers to follow in 2016.

What interested about travel bloggers is that they keep on moving and share their experiences with their blog readers and subscribers.

Now, in the era of Snapchat, Instagram, and Periscope, the travel blogging has gone to the next level.

Step #3: Become a Giver

An essential part of the whole article is this one.

A blogger who wants to grow (in blogging) should be a GIVER.

What does it mean?

It means the blogger must have the heart of a leader who likes to give away more than he expects to receive.

The GIVING is so important in the whole concept of blogging.

For instance, what does a blogger do?

A blogger writes content that HELP others.

See that word in the capital?

It’s HELP.

Simon Sinek talked about being a leader and leading the people. He says “People don’t want to be managed, they want to be led.”

He also hinted that a leader can’t be a leader without being a GIVER.

Once you’re ready to give it away, then you buy the attention and focus, which could ultimately help you convey the message across. If you no one is there to listen, who you’re going to talk.

How can a blogger be a giver?

There are simple ways to adopt for a blogger to become a giver such as:

  • Mention Others Work: We live in a connected world. In fact, WordPress tells the other WordPress blogs if you mention their blog posts into yours. Learn about trackbacks and pingbacks, if you’re a WordPress user. In fact, companies use different keywords and backlink analysis tools to find out who is linking to them. So, the more you mention relevant people and brands in your content, the more you will grow as a professional because they will find out about you. It’s not just about being found by the others, if your mention does help the reader, it’s worth it.
  • Sharing Others’ Content: One of the amazing benefits of social media is that we can grow our online presence and brands value through it. What many of us don’t know about the use of social media is that it doesn’t just mean that you should be sharing your content on social media. In fact, you must share others’ content too if that is helpful for your audience. Not only will you build the relations, but you will also provide a versatile content to your followers.
  • Highlight Tools: Similarly, mentioning the useful tools that help the readership could land you many opportunities. When brands find out that someone is mentioning their brands, and it could be so much helpful for their brand, they often come up with discounts and deals for the bloggers.

A blogger who takes care of his/her audience never regrets it.

Because the reason is clear if your audience is happy with you, the chances are, you will build a loyal readers base, that will be the key to your blog’s success.

It never starts from your readership. Never ever. Always remember that it begins with you.

You have to start working for the benefit of your audience, then expect them to like it and turn into a loyal audience.

First, you should be the one who works hard to help the readership.

Growing as a blogger is never easy and it takes a lot of time to accomplish it.

Step #4: Step up with Your Brand

It’s you who is going to lift things up for you, no one else is going to come and give you a hand.

As a blogger, if you want to build a brand, you should think like that and try to step up rather than just writing content and waiting for things to happen for you.

The core idea of discussing the ‘growth of a blogger’ is to give some useful tips away to all readers (especially bloggers) out there who want to see stunning results from their blogs.

How to Step up as a blogger?

There are certain things a blogger can do to get started growing as a blogger:

a) Improving the blog

Nothing comes before making your blog better. Not even the content.


We know that, but if your blog looks ugly, the content isn’t going to help it.

Take a look at each and every aspect that involves in making your blog’s layout and design better. From logo to the theme, layout to the color scheme, everything matters in blog improvement.

Use fewer plugins while optimizing your WordPress blog.

Newbie bloggers do make a mistake while trying to improve their blogs, they keep on installing plugins in the bid to make their blogs better. Use trustworthy and paid plugins only.

It’s extremely important to use high-quality web hosting, theme, and plugins, otherwise, you won’t even believe that really happen to your blog.

Once you think your blog is up-to-date, you can move to the next step.

b) Creating a publishing schedule

A publishing schedule means either you schedule your future posts before the actual date or you manually set up your posting calendar that will help you publish the content on the pre-decided date.

WordPress does have the feature of scheduling the posts in advance.

It’s not just about setting up a  schedule. In fact, it’s about defining the publishing routine.

Some bloggers around the world also use CoSchedule for managing their publishing calendar.

c) Engage with other bloggers

This is a real cream.

Engaging with other bloggers means to try to build relations with other bloggers. If you expect others to share your content or mention your articles in their content without making a start, it won’t happen. It all begins with your effort as I have said earlier.

There are a few tested methods of start engaging such as:

  • Commenting on the content: Once you read their content, just leave your valuable comment underneath their content. It will make them feel good that someone has given the time to their piece of content. Don’t bash on their content if you don’t agree with them, leave your point of view gently by praising the effort of creating that content. Most of the time, bloggers admire others’ content.
  • Sharing others’ content: Sharing others’ content and doing that on the regular basis can put you in the first row of their audience, which will be essential for your brand. So, never miss out sharing other fellow bloggers content with your social following.
  • Discussion on Social media: Discussing underneath other bloggers sharing means you have read their content and you want to get engaged with them, which is totally cool as far as blog engagement is concerned. Every problogger loves that. Keep the ethics of communicating and social engagement in mind. Don’t make your comments look spam.

d) Induct Offers and Giveaways

Without giving away cools gifts and downloadable for free to your audience, you can’t achieve the same kind of results.

Have you not seen top bloggers often arrange giveaways on their blogs?

You must try to create such offers and giveaways to keep the audience engaged and your blog readers active.

This article helps us understand that why and how to arrange a giveaway.

It’s certainly a proven strategy that most of the bloggers use today.

Check out Rafflecopter and RandomPicker for creating your first ever giveaway.

Some bloggers keep on creating content and never think of spending some money on such promotional activities and in result they end up frustrated in the end.

It could be a little tough for bloggers to spend money when they aren’t earning from their blogs but giveaway and free offers are worth trying to engage the audience.

The psychology of giveaway is that when you start discussing a possible free gift for your readers, the people who are not active with your blog or social media, even they start listening to you, which is the essence of a giveaway that you get to attract the dead readership along with your regular readership.

Your Turn

I tried my best to come up with the best possible content on showing a roadmap of growing as a blogger.

Bloggers need to know a few important things such as:

  • Blogger isn’t a quick cash game
  • It requires honesty, hard work, and passion.
  • It takes the time to get the wheel rolling.
  • The opportunities are wide enough, but finding them is the key.
  • The more you learn as a blogger, the better.

If you understand these things as a blogger, it’s likely to help you grow.

Being a blogger, it’s quite a tough thing to stay optimistic and enthusiastic, if the results aren’t great, the key to staying there and not-quitting is keep on honing the skills and spending every day on learning something new about blogging.

Your own experiments and analytics teach you the lessons that people can’t even buy it.

The next thing you should consider the key to success is SHARING.

Share what you know and what you learned.

The more you share as a blogger, the more you attract the eye-balls.

A blogger never succeeded with creating great content, but rather by creating useful and helpful content for the readership…

And, that kind of content won’t be possible if you’re not sharing great lessons that you learned.

How would you grow as a blogger?

Give your best tips to the bloggers reading this article.


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