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How to use Linkedin groups to drive traffic to your website?

Many social media networks are being used for networking with people, connect with your market, develop relationships, understand what your competitors are doing, and finally doing all this, and generate a steady traffic to your site too.

LinkedIn is one such social media platform which can be used to do all these in three distinctive ways namely – networking with people, jobs and recruitment and finally broadcasting. By being in the right groups, or connecting to people in the right groups on LinkedIn, you can do all the three.

Posting information, or broadcasting news in the right group to the right people, will make audience or group members of that group go through the information, and learn more about what you do.

LinkedIn groups offer you the right platform and opportunity to position yourself in the industry and connect to other leaders and competitors from similar industries.

You can put your content or broadcast your views and information in front of like-minded people who would have never seen it otherwise.

By using LinkedIn groups, you create segmented audience for yourself, and slowly build authority for yourself and your business to be used intelligently.

There are a few things you should complete before you start using LinkedIn for your business.

1) Complete your profile on LinkedIn, and make sure that your profile is 100% complete, and add high quality images that will compel people to visit your profile, and do not forget to include your website link on the LinkedIn profile.

2) Growing your connections list and connecting to the right people is a very important thing to do first. Getting introduced to new connections and increasing your list of first degree connections makes them see what you update on your profile and can see your actions too.

3) Updating your status regularly on LinkedIn, about your blogs, promoting your site, which will make your connections, be aware of your blogs and products.

Customizing your links on your LinkedIn profile using LinkedIn feature which makes it more enticing for the people interested in your blogs and subjects can visit your site.

Joining a Group of your niche

Creating a group is one of the top most priorities on LinkedIn as it helps you connect with thought leaders of your subject. So, you should try and join as many groups of your subject or niche as possible, to meet people of your common interests.

LinkedIn has a feature called “groups you may like” to find relevant groups and be a part of them.

Picking the right groups is also most critical in building authority on LinkedIn.

Finding a group that are discussing topics relevant to your niche helps you find the right group and join them. You can start this process by going to the Groups page on LinkedIn and searching for your topic.

Before being a part of the group, you should also consider checking how engaged the group members are, their activity, scrolling their weekly and monthly wall posts, and then deciding whether it is really worth being a part of the group.

Engage yourself in the Group

Engaging yourself in the groups make people look at your profile, and take interest in your blogs, and also visit your site.

Take active participation in conversations, and answer people’s questions regularly. Whenever you find a question related to your blog post, share your blog on the group, which can be appreciated by the people of the group.

Answering people’s questions can be a great traffic puller. This helps to make new connections too. You can establish and prove yourself as an expert and which will make more people visit your site.

Always look for groups that share the same domain and expertise as your niche, so that participating in discussions and answering relevant questions will be easy.

Once you join the group, also get to know who the most active members are, what are they posting, introduce yourself, and comment on their posts.

Always adhere to the group rules. Scan the rules of the group always because moderators take it very strictly.

Track Referrals

Keep a close eye on the website traffic and website statistics. Make a note of which referrals are being made from members of which groups on LinkedIn.

This will indicate which groups are best working for you, and which groups are not. Keep in mind, that LinkedIn allows you to be connected to 50 groups at a time. Make the most of it, and get connected to only those relevant groups that speak about your domain or niche.

If one group is showing maximum interest in your work, then do not hesitate to connect with the group and also with the most active and members of the group.

This will pave new way to useful connections which might drive good amount of traffic to your website. Send personalized messages rather than LinkedIn’s canned message to make a personal connect.

Use LinkedIn Plugins on your Website

LinkedIn has a few plugins that if added to your website, can help you increase your connections and the traffic.

The LinkedIn Share Button will allow people to easily share your website content with the click of a button and your connections will be able to see it in their home page.

If you have LinkedIn page, then it is recommended to get the “Follow” plugin so that your website visitors can easily follow you. Another useful plugin is the “Recommend” Button. By using this on your website, your visitors will be able to recommend your site or services or products, and their connections will be able to see it, and thus increases your website traffic.

These tips will help you build authority on various groups on LinkedIn among various industry peers, and help increase your traffic to a considerable extent.

They may be time consuming, and may require you to keep participating and engaging with people, but once you establish yourself, then Groups help you get and draw considerable traffic.

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  1. I for sure don’t use Linkedin enough because I didn’t recognize its potentials. After reading this I have will to use Linkedin much more and to get much more from it. I realize now more clear that I can put my content in front of like-minded people who would have never seen it otherwise. That is big opportunity, but it takes time and patience.

    In general, great and very helpful article which opened new horizons for me.

    Picking groups is great to connect with the right people who can help in getting contacts and new projects. I like a feature called “groups you may like”, that is very helpful! Here is possible to find potential new connections.

    Thanks for tips about engaging into groups. I haven’t doing that and now seems very simple so I may try. And I realize now how Linkedin plugins can be useful so why not to use them more often.

  2. I love LinkedIn and can’t wait to utilize it more. I have my profile complete, and I have also connected with a lot of other profiles to make my connections that much better. I’m also on LinkedIn quite a bit every day, it’s actually becoming my go to site these days aside from work and all that. And of course Facebook. But LinkedIn is becoming one of my favorite sites today.

    Also, I just joined a group recently that pertains to my work, and it’s so cool talking to all of these people, getting to know them. It’s quite exciting indeed. Anyways, I am still learning Linked In, and having an article like this helps out quite a bit, so I thank you guys for that. I will only continue to learn and master the site.