How To Get Maximum Traffic From Google Plus

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How To Get Maximum Traffic From Google Plus (Have Better Search Visibility For Blog)

Google is the search giant source for traffic. So leveraging Google Plus for SEO and search visibility will surely help your content marketing. 🙂

Many people view Google Plus, as a social media website rather than viewing it as another user-created Google.

Google Plus is a perfect blogging site for micro-bloggers.

Like any other blogs, Google also indexes Google Plus posts.

Moreover you can edit your Google Plus posts anytime.

There are plus ones and commenting facility for user interaction.

The optimistic approach of Google is that unlike other social sites Google Plus values user-created quality content and indexes them.

Google also implements its quality algorithm to Google Plus posts to rank them accordingly.

Although you can edit Google Plus posts later, do not neglect the format and grammar for Google Plus posts.

Google also considers the quality of content in the Google Plus post that contain links to your blog.

Coming to the topic, search results combined with SEOquake showed me that there is a powerful correlation between SEO and Google Plus.

The blog posts that receive more plus ones tend to rank higher in Google. Google takes number of plus ones as a major ranking factor, while placing blog posts in search results.

Blogs with Google Authorship activated, tend to get more click through rate and be quickly ranked in Google.

Here are some of the smart strategies that you can apply today to make the most of Google Plus for SEO value:

Higher +1’s, Higher Search Engine Visibility

The number of plus ones a blog post link has received is one of the major ranking factors for your blog.

Sharing your blog posts in Google Plus without receiving any appreciations is just worthless.

To get more plus ones on Google Plus, the only working way is to share your content with active Google Plus communities.

google plus image

Remember to add images to your Google Plus posts, as image driven posts gets more plus ones and comments.

Always post something that returns some value to the user.

Have Google Plus Authorship For Better Search Visibility

Although Google Authorship is officially dead, it’s not internally dead. Google has just stopped authorship showing up in SERPs.

Including Google Authorship on your blog by making use of Google Plus profile links,increases your blog’s trust, authority, and search visibility.

Google Plus Authorship increases your blog’s rankings.

Thus we can say that it is closely related to content authority.

Make your Google Plus posts indexed

Indexing Google Plus posts that have your blog’s link in it is important.

These are some of the tips to get your Google Plus posts indexed in Google.

  1. Always include the title of your Google Plus post within asterisks (*Your_title*). Google takes first sentence that is enclosed within asterisks of your Google Plus post as the title of your post.
  2. Get more plus ones and comments by participating in the Communities, adding people with your niche to your circle and engaging with them.
  3. Follow all SEO guidelines on Google Plus posts like targeting keyword, implementing LSI keywords, etc.
  4. Keep your Google Plus post no less than 70 words.

Start A Google+ Community

Why not start a community ?

Starting a community needs more followers and circles for interaction and promotion.

Initiating a Google Plus community is no less than creating a user driven blog.

Google Plus also asks to link homepage with that of Community title. As the community gets older and popular, this link is of great value.

Tips for creating a successful Google Plus Community:

  1. Invite people of relevant circles to your community.
  2. Encourage users to share their content without spamming, rather than restricting them.
  3. Do not forget to specify guidelines to be followed in your community.
  4. Add relevant categories.
  5. Build backlinks for your community.

Use Hashtags

Like any other social networks or blogging platforms, Google Plus also users to include hashtags or tags in their posts.

Although Google Plus automatically inserts suitable hashtag into the Google Plus post, it is better to add hashtags manually.

Some Google Plus users, search content by making use of hashtags or Google Plus search.

google hastag

So it is worthwhile to mention that including hashtags in your Google Plus posts is effective.

In other words, hashtags in Google Plus posts connects your posts to Google Plus search and your post gets more exposure.

Integrate Google Plus Comments with your Blog

In Blogger, there will be inbuilt Google Plus comments feature. However, in case of WordPress several plugins are designed by making use of Google Plus API.

Including Google Plus comments in your blog, fills the gap between your blog and Google Plus. It enhances your Google Plus Authorship and activity.

Comments posted on your blog will also be visible in Google Plus, and your blog will receive maximum commenters driven Google Plus Promotion.

Other Useful Tips

  1. Fill out your Google Plus profile; remember to make use of the links section to include your blog and other social networks.
  2. Create Google Plus page rich snippets.
  3. Also, interact with other people’s posts, encourage them, and comment on them.
  4. Extend your circles; you can check your circles count.
  5. Improve your authorship; check your authorship at Author Rank.
  6. Post consistently.
  7. Track your progress in Google Plus from time to time.

Something More……..

Though I tried to explain every possible factor of Google that can drive maximum traffic to your website, however, I have a brief infographics that will show you a list of 17 different notification triggers that can connect you with top influencers related to your industry…

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Leveraging Google Plus is one of the important things that every blogger should consider.

I too with my personal experience came to know the importance of Google Plus for SEO and rankings. Online social media presence, especially in Google Plus is more important for new blogs.

It is the perfect platform to showcase your seriousness and passion in blogging.

If you have strategic ideas to use Google Plus to its fullest for SEO and ranking, please do share ideas and this post if it has helped you.

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  1. Thank you very much for this amazing article. I haven’t realized how Google Plus is important. But when I think more, it’s logical because it is Googles’ product so Google likes to promote Google Plus blogs high in its rankings.

    Google Plus is super for sure but it has problem that isn’t so popular as Facebook and Twitter. There are rare people who like to have many social networks and to publish daily on all of them. That can be exhausting with time. Facebook is older than Google Plus so much more people using it. I think that Google should do something more with Google Plus to make it more attractive.

    Despite that Google Plus is great for those people who want to have high rankings on Google. And even only that is important enough to use Google Plus and to make big results from it. You wrote so many great tips in this article, so lets use them.

  2. I haven’t really used Google Plus for much these days. In fact I need to start utilizing it. Thing is, I do a lot of commenting on sites, so I might have a lot of views on my profile. I actually want to use Google Plus more often because I really believe it can generate a lot of traffic to my site and a friends site.

    Anyways, I should start posting more on Google Plus because I do remember it being a fun site to post on, especially for what it offers. I need to grow my circles though and I really like the Circles function because I can connect with so many users.

    Oh, and I forgot that everything posted on Google Plus is automatically posted in search on Google, so it’s as if it’s a way of getting free traffic in a way. Right? That’s what I like it a lot for.