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How to Build a Blog Audience

Google is always changing. To build a loyal blog community, current methods will l not always work in the future.

Maybe Google loves content today, but who knows?

In the future, the algorithm could run off of something completely different. There is nothing that is a sure bet in online marketing or offline marketing..

This is why we always advise our clients to create a base of followers. Creating a large online community is a way to ensure traffic for a much longer time than SEO or PPC can bring traffic.

By keeping an active community, you are also creating trust, which means your followers will trust you more and your conversion will be much higher than if you only advertised with SEO and PPC. In fact, proper SEO with good content will create this kind of trust, and in turn, create this type of community.

So, how do we go about building a loyal blog community?

After all, this is the real key to becoming an authority figure. Today, we are going to go over how to create a powerful website that will allow you to create a following and become an authority in your niche. It requires hard work, but if you are serious about making a website unlike any other, you have to be ready to work more than everyone else.

Blog Consistently

Blog Consistently

This is an obvious one, so why is it most blog owners don’t do this?

If you want other people to follow your blog, you have to consistently give them updates. I’ve read a few websites that recommend blogging only once a week, but in our experience we have found that daily blogging really does lead to the best results.

Problems occur when you stop blogging. Once you quit updating content for your readers, they will start to look for other places to get their information. When new visitors come to your website and see that most of the posts are old, they will figure that the information is outdated and move on, as well.

The plus of having lots of blog posts on your website is not just credibility; it also builds up a lot of Google love. This means that you’ll be communicating with your niche while you let it grow. Blogging consistently is the fundamental key to building a large following.

If you don’t have a following at all, this is always the first potential misstep…

…How often are you blogging?

If it’s less than weekly, the answer is most likely not often enough.

Reply to Comments

Reply to CommentsThis is a huge one, and it always makes me a little sad how much this one is ignored.

I’ve had this happen to me a few times. You like an article, so you comment on it. You ask a question or leave a positive comment. You wait a week and check back and the web owner never bothered to reply.

This creates a separation between you and the web owner. It’s a good way to lose touch with followers. Always check up on the comments on your website.

What are people saying?

What questions do they have?

You can even write a whole blot post about one question if you get asked it enough. In fact, that’s usually a good sign of a potential viral blog post.

Don’t waste time arguing with people who want to disagree with your point.

However, sometimes you can create a good amount of controversy, which will provide a good rush of traffic. The overall point, however, is to just interact with your own niche. You’ll start to see results rather quickly if you base everything around them.

Create a Forum

Create a ForumCreating a forum is a great idea. A lot of web owners shy away from it out of fear, but it’s one of the best ways to become an authority in a niche.

Take a look at the biggest websites in your niche. Chances are they have a forum or somewhere where the community can hang out. This is what you need, you need a good forum where people can post and share with each other, as well as talk about your and your website.

This provides repeat traffic, a mailing list, and gives you a forum that you can advertise on whenever you want.

Imagine if you could go onto a popular forum in your niche and post there as an admin and advertise however you please. What kind of results could you get? It’s extremely easy to gain a huge following once you get a good forum going.

Forums will drive a lot of long tail traffic to your website and will help it quickly grow. You will be constantly adding more content to your website that you won’t even have to write, and Google will have fallen head over heels for your website.

Create High Quality Products

This is always a big one: sell high quality stuff. Want people to talk about your product? Sell a product that works and don’t scam people out of money.

In fact, in many niches scamming people out of money is an easy way to instantly kill your brand and destroy your name.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how good your product is because you will never please everyone, but you can sure come close!

Take a look at your product. Is it up to date? Don’t worry about the price; if it fixes a need the price isn’t too important.

How does it compare to other products in your niche?

Have you had anyone review it?

Is it a physical product, an eBook, or a video?

Is that what people in your niche are looking for?

If you have a good product, once you start to build up some traffic people will start to talk. Once they start to talk and tell others about how great your product is, you will quickly gain a following.

Having a following is key, especially if it’s based around your quality of product. If you have released quality products in the past, people will expect quality in the future. This means that you can build up a huge launch for your next product and continue to grow your following.

Build up Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand. You hear this phrase get kicked around online all the time because it’s a popular buzz word.


…how can you really do that?

How can you build up yourself so that others will recognize and know who you are?

Well, there are a few things you can do.

First, you can have an about section on your web page that really tells people about you.

If you work for a larger business or company, you will want to promote the business or company brand instead of yourself, but if it’s just you or a really small business you may want to consider promoting yourself instead. Either way, it is the same, you are building a brand.

Second, you need to create some social media accounts.

Having a social media account on every big social media website is imperative to your success. You need a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ account if you really want others to know your name.

Make sure you participate on all of these media outlets, as well. For instance, if you post an article from your website onto your account and someone else comments on it, make sure you reply. Just like replying to comments on your blog other people will notice that you care and that you are responding and interacting with them. This is the best way to quickly gain a following that is truly interested in learning more about you and your products.

Key ElementsConclusion

Gaining a large following isn’t more important than SEO or paid traffic methods. It’s just another part of it.

Once you start getting the traffic coming in, how can you retain them?

The answer, of course, is the points that we went over above. All you have to do is follow them and you should build a quick following.

Feel free to get creative, as well. Hold contests for people in your community, have fun, do case studies, get to know them.

By participating in this manner, you will not only create strong relationships with your niche, you’ll start having some fun, too.

Just remember you’re the one in charge of your website, and you are the one in charge of the community that you are building, so get creative and have some fun promoting everything. The sky is the limit, and you are free to do whatever you would like.

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  1. I’ve got to say that building up a blog audience is one of the most important parts of gaining profitable traffic.

    Good article Keyur, I love the tips.

  2. Keyur,

    This is very informative! You have given some great points on how to build up a blog audience. I personally believe in blogging every day. I have a passion for what I blog about and I guess you could say I have something to say to my readers every day.

    I also like your viewpoint on commenting. It is vital to interact with your readers and provide them with feedback when they take the time to comment on your blog. That builds relationships.

    For me, being an authority in my niche means that I am the subject matter expert on a specific topic. I think it is important that your readers get to know and trust you and not the product. As a blogger we should stand between our readers and the product. Products will come and go but if you build trust and confidence in your audience, they will follow you because they know you have important information that they can find useful and not because of the hot product of the day. But with that said, I do feel that high quality products only lends to your credibility.

    Thank you for providing such awesome content. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  3. Building an audience can be as important as SEO or paid traffic because once you have a base of followers (a.k.a. the audience) you can be sure they are going to visit your site and read your updates.

    Building an audience is as important as building a mailing list and I think both activities should be a priority for any blog/site owner from day one. And in fact both can be done at the same time.

    As for me, you can be sure I’m a part of your audience. You’ve got a lot of interesting information here.

  4. Thanks again for Thanks again for your information! I also use a good nmuber of pages with all my websites, or I split things down in to categories and use individual blog posts within each page. I guess it really does depend on who you are catering to. It does come down to structure, blog vs static shouldn’t matter, but a Silo layout with good on page seo will do well. Thanks again for all your info! Was this answer helpful?


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