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How To Use Facebook As A Successful Marketing Campaign

Facebook may not be very kind to your business, but you cannot ignore it…

As it is one of the most valuable business tools that you can get these days.

In fact, it is very apparent.

Businesses, instead of posting their URLs on TV commercials, are urging their fans to join them on Facebook.

Hence, you can understand that it is a force to reckon with.

In this post, I will be discussing the potential of Facebook as a business marketing tool and review the various options that business owners have in order to carry out a successful Facebook business marketing campaign.

Profile Page Vs Fan Page

People generally use Facebook, not for business but for personal communications.

Hence, if you are on Facebook, it is your profile page, whereas your business requires you to have a fan page, which will serve as your official page.

Do not use Facebook Group; they are back dated and do not support FBML or Facebook Markup Language or FB Apps.

So, they are not much interactive, thus, not very impacting.

Besides, you should also not create a personal account for your business.

You should use your real name and have an account. Your FB page has to be created under primary FB login.

Proper Identification

Take your time before you choose a name for your fan page, as you won’t be able to change it later.

Try to choose a name that is related to your business; no other persona or funny character, but a relevant name.

Do not forget that people will be looking for your business on Facebook, so make sure they find it without difficulty.

Once you manage to have 25 fans, you can make yourself a ‘user name’ with which accessing your business can become much easier.

Make sure that you apply the name to your FB page rather than your personal profile, and please use something that people can remember, and can find easily by plugging in the URL.

Customize Your Facebook Fan Page

Now that you have done a fan page, you are required to customize it.

You can upload profile pictures, start adding significant details about your business. Tell users the way to find you and provide them with a history of your business.

You should know that they are there to learn more and more, so provide as much relevant information as possible.

The text fields differ depending on the type of page that you are creating; you need to make use of whatever that is available to you.

Never shy away from telling your community where to find you, both online and offline.

In case you want to be more innovative, you can set up your profile with the aforementioned FBML or Facebook Markup Language.

For this, a static FBML app has to be installed; a custom tab needs to be added. You will need to learn the language, which is more or less like HTML, for producing appealing content for your customers.

Offer Cool & Attractive Deals

Experts often call it specialized content, and that is exactly how it should be looked at. Give your users reasons enough to tell the world that they like you.

ROI, which is a big question, comes up quite often.

You may be wondering if there is ROI in FB?

Well, one of the best ways to get it is by offering exclusive deals to your FB fans.

You can do this offering deals to Facebook followers only; do not cross promote to other social networking sites like Twitter.

You should also not post it in your blog or share it in your email newsletter. This is a great way to check if your FB efforts are getting you any fruits or not.

Alternatively, you can also choose to share the same offer across all the social networking sites that you use.

Suppose you want to give a 20% discount. Share this in all the platforms and then see as it seeds through all the other communities. However, for this you can also use just a Facebook app.

Encourage Interaction Within Community

To put it simply, have a FB wall and ask questions to your followers or share personal insights with them or just have a cool company.

In short, give them a good reason to communicate with you.

What’s even better is if you show up the posts of your fans on the very front page; this way people will know that your page is an active one.

Transfer control to your fans; let them take over, instead, of using your updates as default view. This helps a lot in enhancing the engagement of the page.

However, there’s a cost to this. The page has to appear active, but your community must not look neglected.

This means, you yourself will have to be very active on the page, by making sure that each and every comment is answered.

The more interactive you will be with your community, the more engaged your fans will be with you. After all, when each and every interaction shows up on the news feed of your fans, it is bound to get translated into visits.

Stay Creative

Facebook confines you to its website and its features. But, they also have quite a good range of offering, as far as features are concerned.

There are many things that you can do to advertise your business, empower your customers, thus, add value to your business.

You will observe as your page grows, you will likely have to handle issues regarding customer services.

People don’t care who is really operating the presence of social media; if it is a marketing department, they will still want technical support.

So, make sure you are able to do as much as possible; redirect them to email ids, phone numbers, contact links, etc. to provide them the required support.

Over To You

Invite your fans to an event, if you happen to have a brick and mortar location. Let them talk to each other and establish a bond.

Facebook, indeed, offers you various opportunities, make the best use of it. You will surely shine in the niche you are in.

When marketing on Facebook, do not forget that it is an earned media, thus, a community is there too. So, you need to give your followers enough reasons to come back to you.

If you use other tactics on Facebook for marketing your business, I would love to hear them too. 🙂

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  1. Hello Keyur,

    Facebook is definitely a wonderful platform. It can be used as an effective marketing platform if used effectively. You have given us some great points here. I especially like your points on communicating with your followers.

    I have recently started using facebook as more of a marketing platform and plan to do so even more in 2015. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I just recently started a page for my blog on Facebook. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it, so hopefully I set it up right.

  3. I find this article very interesting becausy I use Facebook daily. I think that Facebook has lots of options and maybe of this options we even don’t use or don’t know how to use them properly so this article can help a lot. I have learnt many new things reading this.

    Interaction with community is very important and not so difficult. It only takes some time, effort and good will and results can be huge. I think that should be accurate to make facebook page active and up to date.

    Cool & Attratctive Deals are very welcome on Facebook, but I have some bad experience with some companies who used that only as a trick and behind that there was no special deal, so it’s very important to be honest. Better not to offer any deal, if you don’t want to fulfiill it, because customers have very good memory. Thank you for this article!

  4. I’ve been using Facebook for many years now, and I have been trying to utilize facebook for it’s marketing techniques. I’ve promoted a few posts and even paid for some advertising, but I never really got too into it. Then again I rarely tried utilizing it too much. Anyways, after reading this, I’ve learned quite a bit. I’m going to try to be more creative with my posts and I might try doing a contest for a bit of an added bonus for fans.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing. This could be a very big opportunity for me, and my business. So I’m all for trying new things.

  5. Okay I said on another comment that I was thinking of linking one of your other posts about social media to my mother, who basically consistently fails to build up her business facebook page in a way that’s actually going to be a benefit to her and her work in the long run, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to link this one to her because you’ve done a wonderful breakdown here about how to use facebook properly for business marketing. I really loved some of your tips here, especially about encouraging interaction amount the people that like the page. With Facebook being such a dominant form of social media and a presence in people’s lives, it’s not that hard to get exposure there, but you need to build that community with it as well, and I think that’s what people should focus on the most whe they’re starting out with their fan page.