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How to Boost Blog Traffic in 30 Days?

Building and sustaining blog traffic is the primary hurdle for any blog owner. Whether it is an authority site or just one of millions of niche sites is immaterial. The point is if you want your blog to earn you any amount of revenue, you need to boost blog traffic, get the steady and sustained kind of traffic that pro bloggers enjoy.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 7 ways to boost blog traffic is just 30 days. These are the ways I have used on my own blogging business.

Get ready for the ride!

7 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic in 30 Days

Note: Clever and creative content creation is an important factor to boost blog traffic but I won’t discuss it here. I am rather going to focus on the marketing aspect because if people won’t know you exist, how would they appreciate the blog content?

1.  Facebook Group Sharing

Building blog traffic via Facebook group sharing is my topmost recommendation. Join niche related groups and post blog updates on them. Search for niche groups which allow you to post links on them as some of them ban posting of links. Start with just 20 niche groups. Share your blog posts diligently on them and see blog traffic soaring high.

Here I would like to share a really good article by a blogger, Enstine Muki, who has built a list of 23 Active Facebook Group for Bloggers. Check it out, join them and start sharing your blog posts ASAP.

2.  Blog Commenting

While blog commenting may not give you tons of traffic, it will do two things, which is why it is recommended here. These are:

  • Give your blog backlinks
  • Give you exposure

When other bloggers and visitors regularly see you commenting on other blogs, they will be curious enough to visit the linked site. If the blog catches their attention, they will join the email list and even bookmark it. You will get loyal followers soon.

Either DIY or hire a blog commenting service provider for posting around 20-30 relevant comments daily. Even if half of the comments are approved, it will create a good number of backlinks and recurrent traffic.

3. Guest Contributions

If you have blogged for about 6 months and you find fellow bloggers giving recognizance, it’s time to jumpstart guest blogging. When done right, guest blogging can spiral blog traffic out of control. In brief, the choice of blogs to guest post on should depend on the following factors:

  • Niche
  • Content Quality
  • Reputation
  • Reader Engagement
  • Domain Authority

Guest blogging attracted a lot of attention in the last 5 years. Contributing on authority sites of a niche works wonders to boost blog traffic for months.

4. Invite Pro Bloggers

Bloggers who are way ahead of you in the game can help you to boost blog traffic. Build a list of popular bloggers in your niche and invite them to write on your blog. Some will accept and some will refuse but those who do write for your blog will ensure that it gets much exposure because their writing is featured. You get:

  • Blog Traffic
  • Exposure
  • Comments
  • Readers

Isn’t that wonderful?

This is guest blogging in reverse. The pro bloggers are guest blogging on your blog rather than the other way. It isn’t easy to get their attention but if you do, it has lots of perks. The pro bloggers will share the contributed content on their networks and it will steadily boost blog traffic.

5.  Conduct Interviews

Again, blogging is all about networking and building relationships. Approach fellow pro bloggers with interview request. Build a proper interview model / format of conduct. A word of caution – don’t ask every blogger the same question; personalize the experience.

Not only you can publish the interview on your blog but you can release them on sites like SlideShare and Scribd. Turn the interview answers into bite-sized informative pieces in PPT format and upload them into these content sharing platforms.

The featured bloggers will surely send a shout-out to their own readers and you get to build traffic. Alternatively, the blog also gets traffic from the above mentioned sharing sites.

6. Organic Blog Traffic

Among other marketing ways, don’t forget to boost blog traffic the organic way, that is, via search engines and that too primarily Google. You need to practice on-page SEO for every blog post. There are a lot of authentic on-page SEO guide books available only that you can download or purchase.

From my side, I recommend using the SEOPressor, Yoast or All-in-One SEO plugins for WordPress. If you aren’t using them, note the traffic you are getting now daily. Install any one of these and optimize few old well performing posts plus the new ones you write in the next couple of days by following the plugin guidelines, and see the difference.

7.  Write Tutorials

If your niche has a lot of scope for developing tutorials, don’t waste it. Tutorials aren’t time-sensitive content; they are evergreen, only changing if any aspect of the objective covered modifies and it doesn’t happen.

Well optimized tutorials are a big traffic puller. To retain its relevancy, update the tutorials as and when required. If you have the budget, you can even outsource the tutorial writing task to an independent content developer. Every piece of well crafted, designed and written tutorial will do wonders for your blog traffic.

Writing tutorials is a cost effective way to boost blog traffic for both short-term and long-term objectives.


It requires a lot of time and perseverance to boost blog traffic but the end result is worth it. Before starting, use Google Analytics to record current traffic and see the difference after 30 days.

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