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7 Best, High Quality WordPress SEO Plugins with their benefits

Ask a website owner, what he wants for his website and he will promptly reply – “To rank higher on search engines”.

This is what every website owner or blogger wants.

No doubt, when it comes to building websites WordPress remains the top priority of bloggers and website owners.

Even though WP core code is designed to be Search Engine Friendly, it will be stupid to sit back and relax and watch your website grow on its own.

In order see your website grow, one need to either hire an SEO expert or duck into the ocean of SEO books and articles to learn and find out how to boost up SEO tactics.

But, what if you don’t want either of these methods?

In that case, using these 7 powerful SEO plugins to boost up your site is a wise move.

This blog post is about some of the best and evergreen WordPress SEO plugins that would not just help you today but in future as well to rank higher on search engines.

Before you start reading, I would like to suggest something to WordPress Newbies.

DO NOT install too many SEO plugins to your WordPress Website.

Remember – “Less is the Best.” 🙂

Installing too many plugins will slow down your WP site exponentially, especially if you have a content-heavy website.

Let us begin with the list of the Best and most essential SEO plugins for a WordPress website.

1. WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

It is one of the best and most complete WP plugin available for the users.

The plugin was devised by a renowned SEO expert – Joost de Valk, and is used by some of the most renowned websites like thenextweb and Mashable etc.

The plugin allows complete control of indexing of pages, posts, categories and tags.

It handles webmaster verification and sitemaps as well.

Another brilliant feature of this plugin is its capability to import SEO metadata from other SEO plugins.

Webmasters who are concerned about their On Page SEO, they will definitely fall in love with the Linkdex Page Analysis feature of this WP plugin.

This functionality checks out simple things that you are bound to ignore.

For example, it checks if you have any images in your post and whether they include alt tag comprising the main keyword for the post.

Additionally, it checks whether you have written Meta Description and if that descriptions includes your main keyword and if you have utilized any sub-headings in your post, etc.

Benefits offered by Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

  • Puts Meta information into the core code
  • Enables pretty permalinks
  • Adds breadcrumbs in case you theme is compatible
  • Facilitates you to control indexing of archives and categories
  • Facilitates you to import from other SEO plugins
  • Easily performs 301 redirects
  • Comes along with Twitter Card implementation and Facebook OpenGraph Implementation
  • Offers an easy method to edit your robots.txt file and .htaccess file
  • Creates XML sitemaps

And did I mentioned…Its free!

PS – RankJane too uses the same plugin for its SEO..:)

2. WordPress Social SEO Booster

This plugin adds Twitter card, Google Rich Snippets ( and Facebook OpenGraph to your WP site to enhance your site’s search engine visibility.

Moreover, it is the SEO plugin that boasts of ALL different kinds of microdata that are supported by Google.

Benefits offered by WordPress Social SEO Booster

  • Automatically optimizes your blog or site for FB Open Graph SEO
  • Adds Google plus Item prop automatically to your blog/site for better SERP rankings
  • Incorporates Google Authorship for Multi-Author or Single Author blogs
  • Add the Twitter Meta Tags automatically for improved connections between Twitter, Google and your content
  • Includes a star rating system that works together with the author rating system
  • Supports all types of Open Graph Content like Book, Website, Song, Music Album, TV shows, Article, Video and Book

3. JetPack WP SEO Plugin

Jetpack SEO plugin is developed by the team at

It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins of all times as it comes packed with a wide range of features.

It was built to offer some convenient features to self-hosted WP users that they could relish.

Benefits offered by Jetpack SEO Plugin

  • Includes a widget to show your latest Tweets
  • Includes email subscription to your blog posts
  • Provides your easy and swift access to a wide array of features in one place
  • In case, you are switching from to a self-hosted WP, it will make the transition simpler and make your new site feel familiar
  • Frequently updated and actively developed, since it is created by WP developers itself
  • Integrates Carousel to convert image galleries into slideshows
  • Has image widget that makes it extremely easy to add an image to your sidebar
  • WP stats about traffic on your blog

4. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemap (BWP GXS)

With this WP plugin you will no longer have to bother about URL limit or the time consumed for generating a sitemap.

The plugin is fast, uses much less resources, and can be extended through very own modules.

This is the first WP XML Sitemap plugin that comes bundled with comprehensive support for Multi-site, Google News Sitemap and Sitemap index.

Additionally, your news sitemap can be utilized to notify Search engines individually in case you desire.

And yes of course, every time you publish any content on your site, all selected search engines will be pinged.

Benefits offered by Better WordPress Google XML Sitemap

  • Automatically divides large post sitemaps into smaller ones. User can set a limit for each small XML sitemap
  • Hooks to default taxonomy-based modules to facilitate easier SQL query
  • Exclude certain taxonomies and post types without having to utilize filters
  • Provides all fundamental options required to generate sitemaps like default change frequency, minimum priority, default change frequency and default priority
  • Provide full support for WPMU domain mapping plugin
  • Facilitates you to compress sitemaps, therefore, making them around 70% smaller
  • Facilitates you to style your sitemaps utilizing a built-in XSLT style sheet
  • Powers you to ping search engines when you: publish content, publish a pending post, publish a draft or publish a scheduled post
  • Debugging mode and detailed log
  • Facilitates you to cache the sitemap for a specific time-period – you can either choose to manually or automatically create new cache sitemaps

5. W3 Total Cache Plugin

As we all are well-aware of the fact that page loading speed is one of Google SEO ranking factors, W3 Total Cache plugin can certainly help here.

After utilizing this W3 Total Cache for many sites, we can say that it greatly boosts the page speed.

Benefits of W3 Total Cache Plugin

  • Transparent CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration with theme files, WordPress itself and Media library
  • Compatible with virtual private dedicated servers and shared hosting
  • Compressed and minified JavaScript and CSS caching in memory, on CDN or disk
  • Compressed and minified posts and pages caching in memory, on CDN or disk
  • Database objects caching on disk or memory
  • Imports content, attachments into the Media Library directly
  • Search engine results caching on disk or memory
  • Non-blocking of JavaScript embedding

6. Author Bio Box Plugin

Author rank are strongly affecting blog SEO and so if your WP Blog has many authors, then Author bio plugin is a must-have plugin.

A good author bio plugin does not only give a brief description of the author, but it augments visitor engagement as well.

Also, it’s a smart practice to show authors’ social media profiles.

Additionally, I really feel that the author bio box is one of the eminent factors to make your blog look credible.

This is a free and best WP author bio box plugin available today. It comes with some of the extremely brilliant features like Google authorship, recent post, Bio and Social Profile.

One of my favorites is Fancier Author Bio Box WP plugin.

It’s handy if you are looking for a technique to make every page of yours a landing page for all new contacts and leads

  • It provides solid identity to your blog
  • Highlight your posts in SERP by displaying the author’s face next to it
  • Make connections with the readers and increase engagement
  • Rapidly increase conversions and click-through-rates.

Multi-author blogs, WP based businesses and e-magazines are on constant lookout for better author bio boxes to leverage the most of their blogs in terms of conversions aesthetics.

7. 404 SEO Plugin

If the visitor clicks on the link to your site and get a 404 page instead of the content they are searching for, it is unlikely that he/she will browse your website to find it.

They may think that the page no longer available on your website at all, and simply look elsewhere.

If your visitors and search engines are regularly presented with non-existent pages, they will surely penalize your website for having such invalid URLs.

This simple yet smart plugin will provide you with a customized “Page Not Found (or 404) error message.

Additionally, it replaces 404-error with suggestions of similar pages on the website, based on the keywords in the URL that was not found.

Installing this plugin to your site is favorable for SEO, as it will make your website to have relevant pages even for the URLs that you do not have anymore or have renamed it. This can augment your rankings in SERPs.


So far, these WordPress SEO plugins have proved to be apt for getting a well-optimized site/blog for engagements and better search engine rankings.

Relying too much on plugins to meet your SEO needs can expose your website or blog to a gamut of risks like failing to appositely validate and sanitize data can result in cross-website scripting (XSS) and MySQL injections susceptibilities.

A good SEO plugin must adhere to best practices on data validation and sanitization.

Please make sure that you upgrade to the latest versions of WP SEO plugins to get the best results for your website.

Share your WP SEO plugin experience with us!

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  1. SEO is very important for every website. I’m sad why SEO is so complicated and why things aren’t more simple. But that’s why exist SEO experts and articles like this one.

    SEO WordPress plugins can help a lot, They have many benefits which are written here. Ranking a page very high is crucial so plugins are very important. I agree that less can be more and too many plugins can be problem rather than help.

    WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is my favourite and it’s so great that is free 🙂 I like such free things 🙂 I’m happy that this website uses it too.

    Other mentioned plugins are great too and you made great list and these plugins are probably the best ones that are possible to find on a market. If you find some other new great plugins in future, I suggest you to write an article about this topic again.

  2. I’ve been using WordPress for years now and it’s so exciting to see all of the interesting plugins and add-ons that can be used within WordPress sites. I’ve heard of the 404 SEO Plugin, but have yet to check it out, and I see it’s about time I grab that.

    Anyways, my favorite on this list has to be the WordPress Social SEO Booster. Simply for the fact that I can now get even better in the search results because of Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. It really adds to my internet presence and I can’t wait to utilize it even more.

    I’ll make sure to check out some of these other plugins in the meantime. They all sound quite promising and I could use a bit more help with SEO and regaining some amount of past traffic. SEO is quite a tough thing to get through, but it helps having sites like Rank Jane.

  3. Such a great collection of plug ins, especially for someone who is just starting out and isn’t quite keen on paying money for an expert, or hitting tones and tones of books to develop their own strategy, because I’d much rather be working on my content. I didn’t realise that WordPress had such a range of plug ins that catered to SEO and working on hire search engine rankings, so I’m beyond glad to have stumbled upon this post and I’m going to start checking out some of these plug ins right after I’ve posted this comment. And I don’t intend to rely too heavily on them, but just to have something to her me started while I’m still finding my feet and slowy learning more and more about SEO and how to go about it in the best and right way. Do you have a favourite out of this list?