Hi, my name is Keyur. I developed RankJane.com after many years searching for a formula to connect real people with the websites they are looking for.

I want my visitors to understand that I was just like them, searching for a way to find the people who wanted to find what it was I had to offer.

For years my passion has been internet marketing, and now I want to share my methods of bringing quality people to websites. That’s right, people – real people.

Lots of Internet Marketing professionals use the word ‘traffic’. I don’t like the word ‘traffic’. Are you looking for people to drive their automobile’s onto your website? You and I are looking for people, fans . . . customers, real people that come back and become part of a community. I stopped thinking in terms of traffic quite a while ago, and when I did the potential of online business opened up to me.

But before I get into talking about the particulars of how I re-discovered the potential for bringing actual people to a website, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born and educated in India. My passion was always for the world of computing, but I also have a talent for chemistry, my first profession. I am a pharmacist by trade. I went to school in India and then came to the United States where I settled in the beautiful state of Maryland.

I work hard and believe nothing is impossible. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. And this brings me back to the subject of websites and bringing people to them. I have a passion for designing websites. No trick or clever turn of phrase can replace what a well thought-out website design can achieve.

First and foremost, a well-designed website shows respect for the people visiting. Here again, I use the term people. A person is capable of discretion and judgment. They may come to your website, think it looks like a mess and leave. What use is your website if it turns away people who are your potential fans and customers? That’s one reason I think in terms of people and not ‘traffic’.

I also take seriously the back-end structure of a website, so that it is secure and runs fast. This also shows respect for those people who take their time to visit a website. If I keep a website secure and fast, the visitor’s computers stay secure and the people on the other side enjoy the experience.

But I have found design alone isn’t enough to attract people to a website. SEO is an important part of website development, and another subject of great interest to me. I don’t mean blackhat SEO, things like link buying, spun articles, and paid comments. I mean a genuine and organic development of a strategy to explain the function and purpose of a website.

Instead I focus on creating great content and causing it to go viral, this results in natural backlinks and long-term SEO.

See, the Internet is like an ocean, and all this life is there that can be scooped out. Some of it is crud like those entities looking to use a website for malware that will stall its operation, not to mention potentially infect the computers and devices of the people who visit. Some of that life comes in the form of small creatures, people just curiously bopping around the Internet.

These people may visit a website, and that’s all well and good, but they aren’t going to likely become the blazing hot visitor you want – that very real person who is definitely interested in what a website has to offer. Those are the big fish in the ocean. It’s those big fish that are the focus of my entrepreneurship.

Explore the techniques and options I offer here on RankJane. You’ll find a new world of SEO, and one which has at its core a commitment to communication. Here you can find out how to increase the visitors to your website without risking the use of techniques that may get your site in trouble with the search engines. I am committed to entrepreneurship in my chosen fields. Developing real and valuable SEO is an important passion to me. Thank you for visiting RankJane

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