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7 Tips to Successful Guest Blogging

If you are a blogger, nobody needs to tell you how important it is increase your audience. Guest blogging is one way to do that. You will help yourself and the lucky blogger who agrees to let you post. In this article, you’ll learn 7 tips to successful guest blogging.

How to Pick a Blog?

Choose a blog that you like to read. The best content to post as a guest should be of interest to the audience of the host blog. For example, if you write a blog about affordable car insurance, don’t try to get a guest blogging opportunity on a blog about flower arrangements. Find a blog that lets your expertise on cheap car insurance comparison serve a purpose. Decide on a blogger to approach with your idea:

  • Be a member of the audience.
  • Look for content you are not opposed to.
  • Ask yourself if you can make a valuable contribution.
  • Get Involved as a Reader

Read the blog you want to post on. When you are moved to post a comment, do so. When responding to others’ comments make strong arguments. State your position in a concise, intelligent manner. If you are emotional about an argument, let your passion show without letting it take over. Being involved as a regular reader makes your guest blog request:

  • Believable.
  • Valuable.
  • More likely to succeed.

How to Approach the Host Blogger?

A successful guest blogging campaigns depends a lot on how you approach a blog. Let the owner of the blog know that you are interested in writing a guest post. Offer to share some of your work. Share your statistics, but be honest.

A chance to increase traffic makes your offer more attractive. If you have a successful blog, it is worth sharing the stats. Made up statistics won’t help you or anyone else.

Assure the host blogger that your content is up to standard.

The blogger you want to guest-write for needs to know the level of quality you will write. Provide a link to your blog along with the request. This shows:

  • The quality of your work.
  • Your niche is compatible.
  • People are commenting on your blog.

Why is Your Post a Good Fit for the Host Blogger?

You are a blogger with a niche in auto insurance. Tell how that relates the auto detailing blog you are trying to post for. If you are a racing tire blogger, you should try to be a guest on a related site.

7 Tips to Successful Guest Blogging

Here they are.

1) Choosing a Topic

You are guest posting because you want more feed subscriptions. It is important that you write something that complements the content of the host blog while showcasing your own content.

A good guest post should serve both bloggers. The host blog gets interesting content, and the guest blogger gains more traffic. Make sure the topic is:

  • Relevant to the existing content.
  • A complement to the current conversation.
  • Not a duplicate of the content already posted.

2) Write Your Best Work

The work you present should be original, written specifically for the purpose. You are a guest blogger. It is important to make a good impression. Remember why you wanted to write a guest blog in the first place.

Both bloggers benefit when you post a level of quality that your host will appreciate and that will be interesting to readers. To make the best impression:

  • Write the best work you possibly can.
  • Include photos.
  • Use bullet points to break up the article.
  • Don’t just rewrite one of your old posts; keep it original.
  • You are hoping to impress new readers; offer something of value.

3) Consider Writing an Appropriate Article before Contacting the Host Blogger

It is a given that you will be asked what you plan to write. When asked the question, it will be much more convenient to supply the article you plan to post.

Nobody likes to waste time, and bloggers are no different. It would be best to supply it in a format that makes publishing as easy as possible.

4) Request a Guest Post

Many blogs are set up to handle guest blog requests. Just find a link on a blog you are interested in, and follow the process. When possible, include a link back to your blog. The blogger you are applying to can see your content. If you have chosen something within your niche, it may help you.

If you find a blog that you want to guest blog for, but there is no procedure in place, try contacting the blogger through the channels provided. Be prepared to tell the blogger exactly what you have in mind.

5) Promote the Post on Your Blog

Once you have guest blogged, be sure to promote the post on your own website. The blogger you posted for will see the traffic and will view future requests in a positive light. Of course, you will include a link to your blog in the guest blog. The best way to do this is to make it an optimized link.

If you handle it this way you will reap the benefits of your guest blog for a longer period. Imagine, search engines finding your guest blog and driving traffic to your blog for months.

6) Reciprocal Guest Blogging

Once you get published, invite the host blogger to contribute on your blog. You also have a set of guest blogging guidelines and ensure that the other blogger follows them. Once published, share this guest post with your audience and the guest blogger will do the same. Do reciprocal guest blogging once or twice a month; it will help to establish good blogging networks.

7) Plagiarism-Safe

Don’t plagiarize content. A key ingredient to successful guest blogging is to contribute original and informative content. Do no repost the same blog post on other guest blogging platforms or republish it on your own blog. Moreover, don’t copy content from anywhere. You will not only risk your reputation but also the reputation of the host blogger.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging is a great way to increase traffic. The more traffic you get, the more subscriptions you will have. Guest blogging also promotes great blogger relations. You may even be asked to have a guest blogger post something for you.

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