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6 Easy Ways New Websites Improve Search Presence

Let me guess. The first thing you do after setting up a website is discovering ways to get more traffic back to your website.

By now, you know that Google doesn’t (always) give good traffic to brand new websites. Just like in college, you need to do the extra miles just to get girls turning their heads on you.

In this article, you’ll discover several easy and super effective ways to improve search presence.

But before that, let’s us start with a simple basic.

What is search presence and how search presence will affects you?

Search presence represents the ability for your website, posts or pages to be visible on Google search result pages. When you talk about search presence, you want to be the top 3 (first preferably).

what is search ranking

According to studies (source by Search Engine Watch), the higher your position on search engines, the better chance you could get clicks. It is also said that the clicks are as high as 36% which is over 1/3 of traffic.

How search presence can affects you?

  • Higher click through rates
  • More traffic from Google
  • Better opportunity to close sales, increase revenue and building loyal fans

Improve search presence for new websites

1. Getting your website indexed

Pretty much the no brainer of all, you need to submit your shiny new website to Google and Bing. Instead of waiting for search engine to reach your page for indexing, you should take the extra step to inform them that your website is up and ready for indexing.

2. Adding all versions of your website

Most of the time, your job is considered done right after adding and verifying the ownership of the website, right?

Well, you shouldn’t be stopping there – as least in the point of view in search engine optimization.

The next time you add a new website to Google or Bing webmaster tool, you should also be adding all forms of the website version; for example, www, non www version, http or non https version.

This ensure that Google and other search engines are aware of the different types of website version you have and this is also a great way to avoid duplicate sites.

3. Do you have a preferred version?

If you are using Google Webmaster Tools, you would be given the opportunity to select preferred domains. Click on the gear box and select Site Settings. Select the website version of your choice (in this case, it would be either www or non www).

site setting feature

4. Specify the target audience

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to specify your target audience using location. Selecting a specific country would give you an upper hand especially when you are trying to reach out to a specific group without the need of using a country specific domain like .my (for Malaysia), .in (for India) and .cn (for China).

This feature can be found under Search Traffic > International Targeting.

targeting readers from specific country

One important point to remember is that this feature allows you to stand a higher chance to be visible on search engine result pages when they are from the location you have specified on Google Webmaster Tool.

5. Sitemap submission

Google recommends webmasters to submit their sitemap constantly to ensure that the latest copy of the site data is up to date for the readers.

A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. – Wikipedia.

If you are using WordPress, you are in luck. There are many SEO plugins you can use and which would help you to submit sitemaps automatically to Google for indexing. For example, WordPress SEO by Yoast and All In One SEO Pack (AIOSEO).

On the very least, you should be submitting the latest sitemap to search engines at least once a month.

6. Getting involved on Google+

With the departure of Google Authorship, Google+ has lost a significant amount of leverage when compared to others. However, did you know that by using Google+, you will have a better chance in terms of ranking on search engines?

Google Plus posts appearing on search results

Take a look at the post above. My post on Google+ is visible on search engines and thinking about it, this will definitely encourage click thought rates and generating more traffic.

The moral of story is simple. Don’t leave out Google+ at least for now and involve in it at least once a week. You can thank me later.

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  1. Thanks Reginald for this timely tips. I think one of the tips I will take to heart and implement tomorrow is the listing of both the non www and www version of a blog on event management am managing. Thanks for this tips you’ve shared