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22 ways to promote your blog post after hit publish

You write an amazing post…and head into your admin panel and hit the publish button.

You are thinking this post will drives you tones of traffic Right?

Well…Most of website owner think after publish a post, their job it complete…

Sit back and relax.


The real work start after publish your post.

That’s call “PROMOTION”….Yes, time to promote post so other can find out about it.

Again you might have question where and how to promote?

If you are the one who want to know the answer. Keep reading….

In this post I will show you 22 ways to promote your blog post or article after you hit publish.


  1. Newsletter
  2. Follow up series
  3. Submission Websites
  4. Reddit
  5. Guest Posting
  6. Social Media Automation
  7. Outreach
  8. Q/A Sites
  9. Blog Comments
  10. YouTube
  11. Google Plus Communities
  12. Convert Article to PDF
  13. Link Roundup
  14. Email Signature
  15. Fiverr
  16. Email people you mention in your post
  17. Share it with different version
  18. Pinterest Board
  19. Tweet this button
  20. LinkdIn Groups
  21. Twitter Cards
  22. Instagram
  1. Newsletter

Why people signup your newsletter?

REMEMBER – people signup to your newsletter to hear more interesting things form you.

So, it’s okay to send an update about your new post which provides vale.

EXAMPLE: Every times neil patel publish a new post to his blog, I get an email about it (I am a big fan of his blog quicksprout)

Here is screenshot of his email

Neil Patel

  1. Follow up series

Most bloggers not focusing on follow up series.

Follow up series are automated mailing system in which you promote your old articles to newly subscribers. That way you old articles keep producing constant traffic.

Here is an example of follow up series

New Article                        Send Immediately

Old Article 1                        Send 1 day after previous message

Old Article 2                        Send 1 day after previous message

Old Article 3                        Send 1 day after previous message

Old Article 4                        Send 1 day after previous message

Old Article 5                        Send 1 day after previous message

Follow up series

  1. Submission Websites

There are many submission websites recently popped up, in which user submit the interesting and useful articles and readers vote them. These sites also refer as Content Aggregator.

Content aggregating is a method to collect useful information like article, blog post etc. on a certain topic or niche.

You might hear about Right? – It’s an aggregating network site

What if your blog posts are listed by, wouldn’t it do wonders for blog traffic?

Of course it’s a good for traffic…

Here are a few aggregator sites form Blogging niche.



Growth Hackers

  1. Reddit

You read thousands of articles about potential of reddit to drive traffic to your site RIGHT?

Reddit is bookmarking site. User submits their content or link to organized area called subreddit. Where other members are interact by commenting, sharing and voting.

Why should you use Reddit?

Reddit is among the top 50 sites in the world. Which mean more TRAFFIC!

In average Reddit gets more than 160+ million visitors a month. Check this out stats



Looking at the traffic you get clear that how much traffic it can drives to your website.

According to neil patel if you get 50+ votes your site can lead to 50000+ readers. Just imagine how much potential it has.

In summary here are the steps you need to keep in mind,

  • Find appropriate subreddit: Find subreddit that fits your site niche. Make sure it has at least 10K subscribers
  • Writing Title: Title is everything for reddit. Make sure your title is catchy and attractive.
  • Content selection: Reddit is not good for all kind of content so be very careful.
  • Interaction: Take some of your time and appreciate other member’s work and interact with them. That way when you submit your link people vote for it.

And the most important is timing.

You know timing is everything when you promote your post. Check out randy post “A data-driven guide to creating successful reddit posts, redux”. According to randy best time to post on reddit is 9.00 AM EST.


Once you post on Reddit ask your friends to upvote. That why your post get more upvote and more chance to get on top.

Here are the lists of top 10 subreddit ranked by subscribers.

funny – 7,904,686

AskReddit – 7,856,416

pics – 7,828,873

todayilearned – 7,729,102

worldnews – 7,584,110

science – 7,543,897

IAmA – 7,492,249

videos – 7,094,211

gaming – 7,035,009

movies – 6,654,675

  1. Guest Posting:

Every blogger know about power of guest blogging.

Personally, I keep excel file for every post on my blog. Whenever I write guest post and I feel my article is relevant I add link to it.

It’s not a spam it’s relevant and it’s also a good practice for natural link building.

  1. Social Media Automation:

Social media play a huge role in content promotion.

Also, social signals impact search engine rankings. Meaning more the social share your site get…more chances to rank your site on search engines.

Most bloggers are not taking social media as a serious promotion technique. They just share their articles once in social media sites.

Do you think by sharing your content once on social media is enough?

I know it’s hard to keep up with it all RIGHT?

I have solution for you…


Sounds good right?

If you are using WordPress site; there are quite a few plugins that really help automate social posting.

  • NextScripts Social Networks Auto Post
  • Free Social Media Auto Submitter
  • Social Media Auto Publish
  • Coschedule ( I personally use coschedule)

All this plugins are easy to set up. Once you set up on your blog forget about the manual work and let it do social media work for you!

  1. Outreach:

My favorite weapon

It’s worth your time and effort if you do it right way.

After publish my every post, I search my keyword on google. I collect first 30 sites and create a excel file. And list out their owners (blogger’s) name and email address.

It’s hardly takes 20 minutes.

I send them a personalize email about my article and request them to check it out and share to their followers.

NOTE: Email I also attached proof that I share their articles to my followers on twitter.

Every time I use this technique I receive 50+ shares and few new subscribers to my blog.

Another good way is to contact blogger who wrote similar content.

…but how?

Open twitter and login with your username and password.

You will find search box on right hand side…. Enter your keyword and hit enter



You will get the list of articles people tweet on similar keywords.

Awesome right?

Reply to those tweets and shout out about your articles to targeted audience.

Just remember not to spam

  1. Q/A Sites:

Is your article answering questions?

If you answer is YES… Share your article to following Q/A sites.


Yahoo! Answers

Blurt it

Anybody Out There


Mind the Book

Amazon’s Askville

Stack Overflow

Super User

LinkedIn Answers

  1. Blog Comments:

Is commenting on blog a smart traffic promotion strategy?

Answer is NO


If you are randomly choose blogs and add spam comments it would not help you out. (It might help for short term)

Instead list at least 10 similar niche blog and whenever they publish new article read it thoroughly and add meaningful comment.

This way you will build good relationship with fellow blogger. Only add your article link to comment that is relevant.

Another way to do is…

Find commentluv enable blog and add relevant comment. Commentluv automatically add link to your recent post.

  1. YouTube:

YouTube is second largest search engine in the world.

Imagine if you promote your blog post on YouTube right way.

YouTube will send you tones of visitors to your website.

Sounds good isn’t it?

Ok let’s get straight to the point.

For this technique you need Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or above installed to your computer.

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your blog post
  2. PowerPoint has an open to save your slides as video
  3. Add voice over (I personally use Fiverr gig for voice over. If you don’t have time I highly recommend Fiverr. Three are many voice over artist do your job for $5.00)
  4. Merge voice over with video slides.
  5. Upload your video to YouTube

I have written detail post on YouTube Video SEO.

Again, there are many gigs on Fiverr offer to rank your YouTube video.

  1. Google Plus Communities:

You know google plus very well Right?


You ever think about to use google plus communities as your blog post promotion!

If you not. You must start immediately.


Google consider Google +1’s as one the search engine ranking factors. Check out the Cyrus Shepard articles on MOZ about Search Engine Ranking Factors

Google communities are kind of forum where likeminded people share their ideas, content, post, images etc.

Google communities are great place to find your target audience.

Open google plus home page and search for your “keyword”. From the dropdown menu choose option to display “Communities” only.

Follow 6 to 8 community of your area of interest and start communicate with member on regular basis. Add value by comments, voting other member content.

Before you start seeing result you must ENGAGE first.

Now… you almost set.

Whenever you publish great post paste a link to communities your follow.

Sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

  1. Convert Article to PDF

This is simple but yet effective technique.

This particular technique not only drive to you blog post but also get link juice to it.

Convert your article into PDF and share it on popular pdf sharing site.

Here are list of popular pdf sharing sites

  1. Link Roundup:

This technique is one of my favorite techniques to drive traffic.

Let’s first clear some basics…

What is Roundup?

Roundups is kind of list post where bloggers collect their favorite blog posts and publish on weekly or monthly basis.

An idea behind this technique is to contact blogger who conducts roundup and request them or suggest your post to include in their next roundup.

Well you question is how to find these bloggers?


It’s very simple.

I use google search term modifier.

Type below formula in google

“Link Roundup” + “You Keyword”

For example “Link Roundup” + “Social Media”

Same formula you can use in twitter and google plus search as well.

Next step is to create a excel fins and list all bloggers name and contact email

Once your list is prepared…

…time to send them a link to your latest blog post and request them to add your blog post to next roundup.

If you publish high quality content there are very high chances they will link your blog post in their roundup.

Another benefit of this technique is your article get high quality backlink as byproduct J

  1. Email Signature

This technique will not get you instant result as compare to other techniques we discussed earlier.


Over time it may help to build your brand and following

Create a simple email signature that will attract reader attention.

I use wisestamp to create my email signature with my picture, social profile and link to my latest blog post.

  1. Fiverr

If you are doing blogging for a while you definitely use Fiverr or heard about it.

Most of link building gigs on fiverr will not help your site.

But there are some blogger willing to post your article on their blog and let you add anchor text link for just $5.00

These gigs are GOLD.

But there is a catch here… Don’t buy any gig without asking these three questions

  1. What’s the site URL?
  2. Is this site related to your niche?
  3. What’s the site DA (Domain Authority)? – I recommend DA 25+
  1. Email People You Mention In Your Post And Ask Them To Tweet

If you notice I mention some bloggers name and link out to their sites.

Didn’t get it…

…let me explain.

If I wanted to write a list post on “50 Best SEO tool you must know in 2015” I do my research around the web and list out the best SEO tools and turn it into a blog post.

Once I publish it I will write custom email to each blog I mentioned to my post and let them know and request them to tweet.

Here is mention outreach template I personally use for my blog.

Hi [Blog/Blogger Name]

I am avid reader of your blog. I enjoy reading your blog post on SEO tool which is very informative.

I recently published a list post and link to your blog. CHECK HERE

P.S It would be great help if you tweet my post with your followers

Thanks in advance for your tweet!


Same time I also mention them on my tweet.

You should able to get at least 10-15% people you email to tweet your post.

  1. Share It With Different Variations On Social Media

Timing is very important factor on social media. There are many good article written on this topic


Same time variations paly important role as well.

Variation includes banner, pictures, text tweaks etc…

Visuals share far more than any other type of content on social media.

According to research conducted by Zabisco 40% people react more towards visuals than plain text.

Before publish post. I create at least couple of social media banner or graphics using canva.

And create 3 to 4 reactive post tile.

Once I publish post, I combine post title variation with graphics on different day. That way it will get more exposure across social media sites.

For example,


  1. Pinterest Board

Most of bloggers use twitter and Facebook as their primary social media network to promote their blog post.

But… Pinterest is fastest growing social media site compare to any other social media network.

It also called visual media network. At the current online trend visual play big role when compare you text or content in term of click trough. Meaning if you see Banner ad or text ad, there are more chances you will click on banner ads.

Do you know that 88% of user purchase what they pin and 80% of pins are repins by other user.

By seeing this stat you may know about traffic opportunity using Pinterest.

Before you start doing anything on pinterest make sure your profile has good bio, avatar and atleast few boards with 10 pins.

Once your account is up and running. Search for popular board in your niche.  Join the board and ask the owner of the group to give you contribution right.

Few of tricks I personally use are

  1. Search for board owner website or blog and add valuable comments
  2. Comment on owners pins.
  3. Connect owner on twitter and retweet his/her tweets.
  4. Add backlink to his blog post in your recent article and email him about it.
  5. Send private message to the board owner on Pinterest and give your suggestions.

By doing this, board owner will remember you because you indirectly helping him.

Now it’s your turn to ask favor.

Ask board owner to invite you as contributor to his group.

There are many group boards with 10000+ members that would be a great place to promote you blog posts.

Once you become contributor to group its okay to promote your blog posts.

Keep in mind you don’t want to over promote your posts. Owner will confiscate your contribution rights if you only promote your post only.

Pinterest is all about images. If you optimize image right way you will get more re-pins.

Curalate conduct the research and share some facts on optimizing pins.

  1. Red and Orange images get 2X more repins than BLUE images.
  2. Images contain multiple colcors get 3.24 times more repins than single color images.
  3. Lighter images get 20 times more repins than darker images.
  4. Images with aspect ratio 2:3 and 4:5 get more repins than very tall images.
  5. Images without faces get 20% more repins than images with faces.
  6. Images with smooth texture get 17 times more repins than rough texture.
  7. <10% background images receive 2-4X more repins than >40% background.

EXTRA TIPS: Viralroots allow you to schedule your pins in advance. You can schedule 100 pines for free every month.

Once you have enough pinterest followers you should post 10-15 pins daily.

If you follow these guidelines you will see big amount of traffic form Pinterest.

  1. Please Share This or Tweet This

Most of your reader won’t read you full content but they want to share your content.

But… you need to encourage them to share your content.

Add share this, please retweet buttons after every 400 words and see the difference.

Study conducted by Dan Zarrela proved that simply asked your readers to “please retweet this” or “please retweet” get 4X more retweet than without asking the phrase.


  1. LinkedIn Groups

I am sure you are a part of LinkedIn or at least heard about it

But…Have you ever think about promote your blog post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can provide many opportunities to build new relationship by joining LinkedIn groups and help to build your blogging network.

In any place credibility and trust is very important factor, you should first think about how you add value to group?

Before you add your own article link to group make sure your actively participate in others discussion and add valuable point.

Never post just a link. Always come up with creative idea. An example would be post a question that related to your article.

According to quicksprout – Links with images and videos drives more engagement.


Most of the group managers are looking for genuine post not just for promotional in nature.

Another way is to build your LinkedIn following

Here is the simple strategy that works really well to increase your LinkedIn following

How to do it?


I use twitter. You notice that people follow each other on twitter freely. I follow 50 people on my niche every day and few of them will follow me back.

Make a good impression who follow you back by introducing yourself and request them to connect on LinkedIn


Find them on LinkedIn and send invite to connect with you.

Here is a personalize template I use to connect with my twitter followers

Hello [Their First and Last Name].

We recently follow each other on Twitter.

I thought I’d reach out and see if we could connect here, too.


Your Name

This tactic will not give you instant result but once you have good relation with group managers and enough following you will see the huge amount of traffic form LinkedIn.

There are few point keep in mind before you post in any linkedin group.

  • Always read group rules before post any link.
  • Don’t always promote your content.
  • Don’t promote every day. Try to do twice a week.
  • Avoid words “my”, “mine”, “me” and “I”. Most groups have a filter and your post will be added in “PROMOTION” section.
  1. Twitter Cards:

What if twitter allows more than 140 words tweets?

More words in tweets help you increase your conversion rates and traffic.

There is a way to add more words in your tweets.

Using twitter cards you can embed your media which don’t count towards your tweet character limit.

Benefits of twitter cards:

  • Twitter cards allow users to add tweets beyond the capped 140 words
  • Twitter cards allow brands to stand out from a feed full of text
  • Twitter cards can help increase conversation.

twtter card 1

This will help your fan or followers to do thing like visit your landing page, download your free guide, sign up for seminar, register for your events or use coupon code; all without leaving twitter.

And most important it drives traffic to your website.

Blog Promotion

Twitter card with images attracts…

  • 18 percent more clicks
  • 89 percent more favorites
  • 150 percent more retweets

twtter card 3

Want to learn more about twitter cards and how to implement on your site. Check out infographic created by Surepayroll, this infographic will give you information about what are twitter cards and how you use them in your marketing campaigns.

  1. Instagram:

Most bloggers spend more time on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Do you ever try Instagram?

Do you know that Instagram post get 15X more engagement than Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Instagram is all about visual and Media

  • Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags paly a very important part to get or drive targeted traffic to your blog. By adding appropriate hashtags to your Instagram updates; you will reach new people interested in your product.

Hashtags helps people to find you on Instagram. Try to add as many relevant hostages in your Instagram update.


It’s always hard to find relevant keyword or hashtags Right?

To find relevant hashtags I use Iconosquare or Websta. These tools not only provide relevant hashtags based on your keywords but save your time.


  • Right filter may get more like and comments

TrackMaven found that photo with Mayfair filter, Inkwell filter get more comments and likes


I highly suggest you to try different filters since everyone’s audience is different

  • Right time

As you know timing is very critical in any social media promotion. If you post at right time you get better result.

On Instagram most people are active at 10 am to 12pm form Tuesday to Thursday and Friday after 8pm is the best time to get more engagement.


Use scheduling app like Schedugram and Latergram to automate your post

This app allows uploading media in bulk. Once you upload your images add description and hashtags and edit it to perfection

Next step would be save and set the data and time you want to publish



Outsmartlab did study on Instagram. Instagram account with 10,000 followers will get an average 331 engagement compared to Twitter, Which would only get 7 engagements for every 10,000 twitter followers


To summarize, don’t forget to add these steps in your daily Instagram practice

  • Include your blog link in instream profile
  • Write an effective bio
  • Add creative images
  • Always add high resolution and appealing images
  • Crate different post and test the time schedule for best result
  • Research and add relevant hashtags
  • Offer free e-books and products to your followers
  • At last – measure your growth


“Sharing is caring”

We discuss many ways to promote content.


Before thinking about how you can promote your content, consider how often you sharing other peoples’ content?

When you share other peoples’ content please inform them about your action, that way they notice and end up sharing yours.

I hope you enjoy reading this long post. Please ask me any question in comment section below.

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