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15 Types of Content That Will Have People Clamoring To Read Your Blog

Creating content isn’t the hardest part about running a website. In fact if you are like me, creating content is pretty simple, I love writing about SEO, so this stuff comes to me pretty easily.

The biggest problem instead is driving traffic.

How to increase traffic? 

How can you get more visitors to come and read your content?

Well today we are going to go over 15 different types of articles that will drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website.

Content type #1: Infographics –

Simple and powerful infographics are one of the strongest ways you can build a huge amount of traffic to your website.

Infographics quickly go viral, people love to share them, and they can build a powerful amount of backlinks back to your website.

If you don’t have infographics as a part of your content strategy, you need to add them in.

Simple and powerful infographics


Content type #2: Memes –

Memes quickly go viral, sometimes I feel like my whole Facebook page is just a mass of memes posted by people I used to know.

People love memes, and for a good reason, they are funny and easy to share.

Wouldn’t you like for your web content to be funny and easy to share?

Some of the strongest social profiles that I’ve seen online are based off of memes in their niche. Post some memes, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can build a strong online following.

seo meme

Content type #3: Guides –

Guides are huge, people love guides, they help out your visitors, they build credibility, and they get shared often.

When you make a guide you need to make sure you make it well, don’t skimp or hold back.

A good guide will consist of anywhere from 4 to 24 pages of great quality content. Pick a question that is often asked in your niche and sit down and write out a basic outline of a guide to answer the question. Then go through and write down one part of the guide a day. Within two weeks you’ll have an amazing guide that people will love to read and share.

Guides are one of the many secret weapons that we use here at Rank Jane. If you haven’t checked out our SEO guides yet you should, we have put a lot of work into them. A good guide will benefit your customers, and in the end benefit you as well.


 Content type #4: Videos –

I feel like many bloggers are afraid to do videos. It can be scary to record your own voice, or your own face. Don’t be scared to make videos, some people love videos and YouTube is one of the highest traffic websites in the world.

You are missing out on a lot of traffic if you aren’t making videos.

Google seems to love videos as well, we have noticed here at Rank Jane that website that contain videos are generally a little bit easier to rank. Plus people tend to share videos more as inherently most of us are lazy and don’t want to read as much. Make a few videos and see how your niche responds.

Content type #5: E- reviews –

Review e-products within your niche, a lot of times people will ask about these products, find the most popular ones and release a few reviews.

In fact this is a great example of how you can use a video to review a product, review a bit of the product and whether you liked it or not. You will be surprised at how quickly it can go viral. Monetize your review through affiliate links as well.

Content type #6: Opinion post (a.k.a. “Rant”) 

This is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Rant about something controversial that you don’t like, people generally love to read this kind of stuff, and it lets you educate them on something that you know a lot about.

A good rant is something that will get shared, and builds trust so make sure your argument is logical and makes sense.

If you rant correctly you can easily go viral, and other websites may even write up rebuttals to your rant, which in the end only drives more traffic to the both of you.

Content type #7: Physical Reviews –

People love it when you review physical products, they also love to see the physical products so if you can, take a few photos of the product or make another video.

Be honest in your reviews and people will quickly recognize you as an authority figure in your niche. As they recognize your honesty they will link to your website, and Google will soon see you as an authority figure as well.

Content type #8: How To –

“How to” guides are great, want to know how great they are?

You are reading one!

People love to read guides that let them know how to do something or solve a problem.

If you are out of writing ideas just make a list of questions people have in your niche and write out some how to articles to help them solve their problems.

Content type #9: Make a List –

This is an easy one to do, and people will love you for it.

Want a great example of a good list?

Go to your local bookstore and take a look at the magazine section, you will quickly realize that most magazines contain huge lists. The reason why these magazines have these lists is over the years they have realized that people absolutely love to read these lists.

Put some on your website and watch as people flock to read what the latest lists are that you’ve come out with.


Content type #10: Resources –

A resource page can be great. For instance if you have a dog training website you could have a page of the “End all list of dog supplies” and then have a link to your favorite supplies that a dog owner would need.

Get creative with these lists, they get shared all of the time. A resource page is sort of like a review page where you list all of your favorite products that you like to use.

Content type #11: Free Book –

Free eBooks are a great way to build traffic to your website as well as to build up a list.

Just like the guides make sure that your eBook is top notch, these get shared all over the place and you would hate for something cruddy to be linking back to your website.

Take care of your content and it will take care of you.

Content type #12: Case Studies –

People love to read case studies, if you want to build up credibility release a few case studies on your website.

Be prepared to receive a lot of traffic, and a lot of questions for follow ups on the case study. There are some websites (such as Patrick Flynn) that have built up there whole fame and popularity on case studies.

Content type #13: Podcast –

Podcasts are a great way to stay in tune with the main followers of your niche. If you are not sure how to create a podcast just check out this guide apple released.

Content type #14: Interview –

This is a huge one, if you desperately need traffic to your website you need to do an interview.

People love to be interviewed for two reasons,

one it builds credibility, and two, it makes you feel good. Interviewing someone is admitting that they are a guru and knowledgeable in their field.

In return you get a link back from them, you get a good friendship that you can build, and you also gain some of their web traffic.

People love to link to their interviews as it shows others that they are a large authority in their niche. If you need a large boost in traffic do two interviews a month and watch as you quickly become an authority figure.

Content type #15: Data

People love to read data, well let me rephrase that, people love to see data and then read the interpretations.

Collecting data in your niche is a great idea, it shows that you really know what you are talking about.

Posts that are based around data can quickly go viral online, especially if they are about a recent or popular topic.

Build your post around the latest greatest thing and watch as visitors flock to your website.


Writing content just for the sake of writing content is never a good idea. You should always have the plan of driving traffic and links back to your website.If you have had trouble doing this in the past, just choose one of the 15 topics above and get writing. Share it around your niche and sit back and watch as your article and website quickly goes viral. Content is the life and blood stream of your website, if you build it correctly your visitors will come.

In conclusion, these days proper content is proper SEO. If your website isn’t getting enough traffic the first thing you should always look at is your content, and how it is fitting into your overall SEO plan. If you focus on these two things you will quickly watch as your web traffic soars.

What type of content do you prefer to increase traffic ? and why?

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  1. Whoa, Keyur!!! I must say, that now we are having a new problogger in the Indian blogosphere!

    Really, man!!! Almost every blogger will surely have a look at it. Yes, your points are also absolutely right. Infographics are actually very attractive. One thing that I would like to tell you is that you should move podcasts and interview on the 4th and 5th position as they are much attractive.

    Otherwise, enjoyed a lot and hoping for more of such posts.

    • Divyansh, thanks for your kind words and for the feedback. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂